BBB21: Rodolffo sings in Juliette during party

BBB21: Rodolffo sings in Juliette during party
BBB21: Rodolffo sings in Juliette during party
Last Wednesday (31), the BBB21 participants, from Rede Globo, enjoyed the Leader’s party very much Arthur.

Rodolffo even took the time to make a pass at Juliette. While playing the song Medo Bobo, by Maiara and Maraisa, the sertanejo repeated an excerpt of the song for his sister.

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“In the end we have always been good lovers,” she said.

“We were always, I said,” replied the makeup artist.

On social media, fans are already shipping the possible couple.

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BBB21: ‘I’m lost in here’, says Arthur about the game

During his party, Arthur did everything to appear at ease and unconcerned about the game’s next directions. And in conversation with Juliette, whom he indicated to the wall, the crossfitter said he wants to vote without worrying about the consequences of that.

“So, when you want to play, hold back. Because I don’t have the audacity to play a game that I don’t hold,” countered the Paraiba.

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“I haven’t been able to play for a while,” he said.

Knowing that he could be the target of the Leader’s veto and stay out of the race that will be held this Thursday night (01), Juliette advised his colleague.

“Redo your game”.

BBB21: ‘I seem to be bothering you’, cries Camilla de Lucas, speaking of Rodolffo

“I don’t know what I do anymore, Ju. I’m lost in here. My luck was that leader, if not, I was out there already”, assumed the capixaba.

“You know you were always open with me. If you really wanted real allies, you would go after it,” said the makeup artist.

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