Pacheco meets with mayors and criticizes lack of coordination in facing the pandemic | Politics

Pacheco meets with mayors and criticizes lack of coordination in facing the pandemic | Politics
Pacheco meets with mayors and criticizes lack of coordination in facing the pandemic | Politics

The statement was made during a virtual meeting with the National Vaccine Consortium of Brazilian Cities (Conectar), coordinated by the National Front of Mayors to discuss immunization against Covid-19. The group has membership in 1,800 municipalities and aims to collectively purchase immunizers, medicines and supplies in general to combat the pandemic.

“There is nothing worse at a time like this than the disarticulation, the lack of coordination. Brazil revealed, unfortunately, from this lack of coordination, something that we could not have done. It was necessary to have coordinated all the federated entities from the beginning. to be able to face this pandemic “, said Pacheco.

During the meeting, the mayors asked for support and greater agility in the acquisition of vaccines, through diplomatic articulation of the Senate. The consortium also expressed concern about the role of the private sector in vaccination, to which the President of the Senate said he does not reject the idea, but that he still has doubts, mainly, if the authorization would affect the delivery schedule for the government.

“[…] When this rule is established, there is a risk of some kind of unfair competition, because the private sector due to the free market will acquire these vaccines for a higher price, higher prices, if that would not affect the delivery schedule for the public power, this is my big question “.

Still, according to the president of the Senate, Brazil is “running after time”. Pacheco also said that “many said” that the committee created to deal with the pandemic came “a year late”, but it was “what could be done”.

“Obviously, we have to recognize, Brazil delayed this process, delayed this schedule. We are running out of time in this government. The institution of this committee, many said, with a year delay, but, let’s say, what we foresee , mainly, when I assumed the presidency of the Senate, it was what could be done “, he said.

The government and congressional committee was created last week to discuss actions against the Covid-19 pandemic and held its first meeting on Wednesday (31).

Pacheco also reported that he asked President Jair Bolsonaro so that he could be the “general coordinator of a group” to bring together actions to tackle the pandemic, so a national committee on Covid was created.

“It is very important that the President of the Republic set an example,” he said.

Regarding the meeting, Pacheco said that “the reality in Brazil is that the option made, including recognizing the merits of the state of São Paulo, is the initiative to manufacture vaccines in Brazil”.

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