Mayor of Curitiba provides fine to those who donate food to homeless people

The mayor of Curitiba Rafael Greca (DEM) sent a bill to the City Council that provides for a fine to anyone who distributes food to people living on the streets without authorization from the city.

According to the proposal, whoever “distributes food in disagreement with the times, dates and places authorized by the Municipality of Curitiba”, can be fined from R $ 150 to R $ 550, after warning.

The bill entered between the House’s votes on Monday 29 and, on Wednesday 31, a requirement was added for the vote to take place on an urgent basis. The request, however, was removed from the agenda and the proposal must follow the usual voting procedure.

NGOs and groups of volunteers working in the city reacted against the proposal and jointly signed an open letter criticizing the measure. “In the midst of so many problems, so many unfulfilled demands, so many effective possibilities to solve the problem effectively, the attitude is this: to prohibit and penalize those who do it,” says an excerpt from the document.

According to the City Hall, the project called the Solidarity Table foresees changes in the way food is distributed, due to a mismatch in distribution. According to the municipal administration, there are situations in which food is distributed in exaggeration and, in other cases, there is a shortage.

The project advocates a register of volunteer groups and NGOs, and sanitary control, with distribution in specific locations.

The city of Curitiba has almost 3,000 homeless people, according to the City Hall.



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