Sudden vaccine offer: – – Like winning the lottery

Sudden vaccine offer: – – Like winning the lottery
Sudden vaccine offer: – – Like winning the lottery

On Thursday afternoon, communications adviser Kjartan Sverdrup in the Health Service in Oslo municipality informs Dagbladet that very few people can be offered a vaccine, even if it is not their turn according to the National Institute of Public Health’s order of priority.

This may occur as a result of the registration form for vaccination, which was established in Oslo municipality earlier this week.

– In the main, we call in people in accordance with FHI’s order of priority. This means that in the Old Oslo district, for example, where we have come to priority group 4, which includes people in the age group 65 to 74 years and people in the risk groups, we will call in other people in this group who have registered for vaccination, says Sverdrup to Dagbladet.

– But there have also been a very few cases of us calling in people from other groups. For example, if it is 9 pm in the evening, and the vaccine doses are about to reach their expiry date, then we may call right up until someone answers. It’s almost like winning the lottery.

Dagbladet also asked how Oslo Municipality complies with the information given in the registration form votes, so that one is not prioritized on the basis of incorrect health information.

– We also have access to information about the patients from the GPs, with whom we compare it, says Sverdrup.

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It was Tuesday that Oslo Municipality opened for vaccination registration. In connection with registration, you can state that you want to be called if others do not show up for their vaccination agreement. You must then be able to be available within 30 minutes.

– If you register, it may be that you can be offered a vaccine at short notice if someone does not show up, but that is if someone in your age group does not show up. This means that if you are going to vaccinate someone who is 73 years old, and the person does not show up, then you call someone else who is 73 years old on that list. This is how it works, said assistant health director Espen Rostrup Nakstad to Dagbladet on Wednesday.

– In principle, this is a scheme that has been established to utilize the capacity to the maximum, and not risk that vaccine doses remain unused because someone does not attend the agreed vaccination, Nakstad continued.

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Vaccination scenario

On Wednesday, the National Institute of Public Health stated that they envisage being able to offer all people over the age of 18 in Norway a vaccine by mid-July. They also envisage giving the same offer to everyone in the risk groups by the end of April.

Director of Infection Control Geir Bukholm informed Dagbladet that he assumes that we will see the vaccines’ effect on the spread of infection in Norway when half the population has been vaccinated, and estimates that it will happen during June. Dagbladet asked Bukholm when he thinks we can see relief in the level of measures.

– We think it is important that the risk groups have been vaccinated first. I probably think that it is an important milestone to vaccinate everyone down to the age of 45, and then consider any general relief of measures.

– Do you think there will be a stricter or lighter level of measures on 17 May this year compared to last year?

– I probably think that we will experience a May 17 with quite strict measures again this year, Bukholm said.

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