USA: California shooting leaves four dead, including a child

USA: California shooting leaves four dead, including a child
USA: California shooting leaves four dead, including a child

The author of the shots was shot by the police and is in critical condition; recurrence of this type of incident draws the attention of the United States government

Reproduction Twitter KingdomTV247The shooting took place at a business complex in the city of Orange; shot was shot and is in critical condition

Four people, including a child, were killed during a shooting on California this Wednesday, 31. Upon arriving at the scene of the incident, a complex with several business buildings, the agents exchanged shots with the suspect, who was hit by a bullet and had to be admitted to a hospital in the region, where he is in state critical. The Orange County Police has yet to identify the perpetrator of the crime or reveal what his motives might have been. According to the American television station CNN, this is the twentieth mass shooting, that is, which has resulted in four or more victims, since the attacks on three massage parlors in Georgia on the 16th, when eight people died. On the 22nd, for example, another sniper killed ten people who were in a Colorado supermarket.

Given the recurrence of shootings in the USA, the president Joe Biden recently expressed its desire to tighten arms laws and ban the sale of semiautomatics in the country. According to the consulting firm Small Arms Analytics, there was an increase in the purchase of these products during the new coronavirus pandemic: almost 23 million firearms were purchased in 2020, an increase of 65% compared to 2019. The phenomenon may be related to the murder of George Floyd, the beginning of restrictions to contain the Covid-19 and the tension of presidential dispute, moments that generated political and social unrest in the United States. The jump in arms sales continued in January of that year, when there was a invasion of the Capitol and the inauguration of Joe Biden, whose Democratic Party is generally in favor of limiting gun ownership. In the first month of 2021 alone, two million firearms were sold, an increase of 75% over the same period in 2020, according to the National Shooting Federation.

The ex-president Barack Obama he also spoke on the subject on the 23rd. “A pandemic that occurs once in a century cannot be the only thing that slows down mass shootings in that country. We shouldn’t have to choose between one type of tragedy and another. It is time for those with the power to fight this epidemic of violence to do so ”, he defended. The republican senator Ted Cruz he called the calls of Joe Biden’s party members for new firearms safety laws a “ridiculous theater.” “What happens in this committee after each mass shootout is that Democrats are proposing to take the weapons of law-abiding citizens because that is their political objective, but what they propose not only does not reduce crime, it makes it worse” , he opined.

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