Scam email in FHI’s name was April Fool’s joke

April 1 fell this year on Maundy Thursday, and in keeping with tradition, many have tried their hand at April Fool’s jokes. But some have gone further than others in the experiment.

– Today’s investigations have shown that the fake email was only sent to one recipient and was an April Fool’s joke. Our systems caught it when the person in question pretended to be FHI , they state


NIPH said earlier Thursday that they considered it serious that someone tried to impersonate them.

– Infection tracking work is very important to deal with the pandemic in Norway, and we consider it serious that someone tries to pretend to be like us in such a situation, said assistant director Gun Peggy Knudsen in FHI to NTB.

To NTB said that they have been sent a copy of two fraudulent emails that have apparently been sent out from FHI, with the title «Registered infection». FHI now states that it only applies to one email.

– We went out quickly to limit any damage. Thanks to everyone who shared and contributed, and apologizes for the inconvenience, FHI informs.


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