Data from television audiences raise doubts: numbers differ from the impact of programs on social networks – News

The way television channel audiences are measured divides opinions. In Portugal, data are recorded by Gfk based on a sample of 1100 households (approximately three thousand spectators).

In this Thursday’s edition, April 1, the Nascer do SOL newspaper states that “the numbers that govern the market do not match well with the impact of the programs on social networks, nor with the records of the Portuguese who have cable TV “.

According to the weekly, the data collected by the three main operators do not correspond to the values ​​presented by Gfk – according to Nascer do SOL, 90% of the population has cable television.

António Salvador, managing director of GfK, explains to the newspaper that the data of the operators do not reveal “who is watching and does not even know if they are watching”. “She only knows that she is broadcasting. If I do not turn off the box, she continues to say that I am watching that channel where I was when I hung up”, she stresses.

The Media Studies Analysis Commission (CAEM), in declarations to Nascer do SOL, adds that the “operators’ boxes only register the fact that they are on or off”.

To the newspaper, TVI underlines that it has, “effectively, detected this discrepancy”. “In which of our programs, such as ‘All Togheter Now’, or the premiere this Monday of the ‘Cristina ComVida’ program, which had enormous prominence on different digital platforms, without a possible comparison with the direct competing programs, and then we verified that these data do not have any correspondence with the referred audience levels “, stressed the Queluz de Baixo station at Nascer do SOL.

SIC, on the other hand, referred the newspaper’s questions to CAEM, noting that the channel “is preparing to close the 26th consecutive month in leading audiences in Portugal”.

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