Rio’s Health Secretary says he will define new vaccinated groups by the beginning of next week | Rio de Janeiro

“Epidemiologically, comorbidity groups are a very important group, due to hospitalization and various other problems, but we also consider that security forces and teachers have to be there in this queue as a ‘priority. We will make this assessment throughout this week and most likely at the beginning of next week we already have a position on this “, said Soranz.

(CORRECTION: in the publication of this report, G1 was wrong to inform that the City of Rio announced that it will not follow the unified calendar and that it will vaccinate people with comorbidities before security and education professionals. The decision has not yet been made, according to the Municipal Secretary of Health, Daniel Soranz. The report was updated at 8:44 am.)

According to the National Immunization Plan (PNI), after the elderly people should be vaccinated with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, severe asthma, among others.

“Certainly the group of comorbidities has to be considered and we are evaluating, based on the calendar that the state government has put in place, trying to make all of this compatible, the calendar of the state government with the Ministry of Health, but priorities, at this moment , is to vaccinate people aged 60 or over. Until the 24th we will continue to vaccinate people aged 60 or over for just then, according to the delivery of the next doses, we will be able to define more clearly what the next groups are and how we are going to vaccinate ” , explained the secretary.

According to the state government’s unified calendar, which is not mandatory, safety and education professionals should be vaccinated before people with comorbidities. The Ministry of Health recommended that homeless people and those with chronic illnesses be vaccinated before police and education professionals.

On this Thursday (1st), the Museum of Tomorrow becomes a vaccination point, which will operate from 8 am to 5 pm during the week. According to the calendar, 68 people are vaccinated on this farm, women are vaccinated in the morning and men in the afternoon.

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