Arthur and Juliette argue during party – POPline

Arthur and Juliette argue during party – POPline
Arthur and Juliette argue during party – POPline

The climate between Arthur e Juliette was not one of the best during the party on Wednesday (30) at BBB 21. They were surprised at times: the reason? As a leader, he placed Paraiba directly on the wall. He justifies himself by stating that he took her vote for three weeks.

Juliette said that Arthur would take a “step” and he didn’t like it at all. “I will take [pisa] none at all. You voted for me three weeks, I voted for you once, Juliette“He released.

The Paraiba, he said, stated that the boy gets into a fight that he can’t take. “Don’t get involved, Arthur ”, said Juliette“ Fuck you, I had already made up with you“She released.

BBB 21

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After a break… The discussion continued!

Juliette said to Arthur who doesn’t consider him a rival, but that he had to decide his game.

“You were in a heavy game, and you can’t handle that scolding. Because although you want to be the ‘play and play’, you are not. Because you make the stops and you suffer. Whoever is a player does not suffer. So when you want to play that role, hold on to the end. Because I know your heart won’t let you ”, released her.

The crosfitteiro justified that he is not really playing and only voted for her in exchange for the votes he received. “I want to see how far you go easy on us“, She provoked.

It all ended emotionally when Arthur started talking about family with Juliette and cried. Discussion? What? Ended in embrace!

BBB 21: Juliette sends Arthur to shit * and we have the video

Juliette got stressed with Arthur Monday afternoon (3/29) at the “BBB”. The leader of the week, who put her right on the wall, had a small disagreement with her in the room. Juliette stressed, left the room, but let go: “Go to shit *! Idiot!”. The video is going viral on social media.

The disagreement between the two happened during a conversation with Pocah, Camilla de Lucas, Fiuk, João Luiz, Sarah e Gilberto. They were talking about the time that Gilberto e Arthur they fought ugly, with screams in the outside area. Arthur said they “set up” for the two to fight. Juliette I said no.

The video that circulates on the web does not allow you to clearly hear what Arthur spoke to her. But Juliette she instantly stressed, said he was going after her, and complained that she couldn’t say anything else. “Idiot, imbecile!”, let go.

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