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Did you know that the note from the National High School Examination (Enem) 2020, released last Monday, the 29th, can be used to win a place in large higher education institutions abroad?

There are more than 500 vacancies available in Europe and hundreds of opportunities around the world. Even with the pandemic and the delays related to the postponement of Enem, some institutions in the United States, Canada and Europe are accepting punctuation as a method of entry.

However, the procedures vary according to the protocol of each university. Thinking about it, the education specialist Matheus Tomoto selected some information about 10 higher education institutions from abroad and the respective countries, which accept the exam score in 2021.

How to use the Enem note in Europe


University of Algarve (UAlg) – Registration is in the third phase of application and remains open until July 17, with more than 200 places available, for 42 courses. → Learn more

University of Coimbra (UC) – The University of Coimbra has the largest number of places available to Brazilians from Enem. There are more than 500 places distributed in 48 courses. Registrations can be made until August 6th. → Learn more

United Kingdom

Bristol University – Even with the Enem score, the student must enroll in the University and College Admission Service (UCAS). According to the institution’s website, one in four foreign students at Bristol is Brazilian. → Learn more

Oxford – One of the largest universities in the world also accepts Enem as one of the evaluation criteria for future students. Together, it is necessary to prepare a letter of motivation and go through UCAS. Registrations continue until October 2021. → Find out more


In addition to Enem, in order to study in France, it is necessary to prove that you have mastered the French language and have good grades in your school record. The student can also apply, upon approval, in any Brazilian graduation that has the course similar to the one they want in the chosen French educational institution.

Universities like Paris-Sud University e École Normale Supérieure they are still accepting the ticket via Enem, in 2021. All information can be clarified by the institutions’ e-mails.

Study abroad: see 10 universities that accept Enem’s grade
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How to use the Enem note in the USA and Canada


New York University (NYU)- Due to the security protocols of Covid-19, the institution opted for an alternative that meets the needs of foreign students. Therefore, the University will apply an optional test for prospective students 2021-2022.

Despite the possibility of adopting simpler forms of admission, Matheus recalls that the most important thing is to fulfill the maximum requirements, whether they are optional or not. “The more complete the application for the vacancy, the better.” → Learn more

Northeastern University – As a criterion for selection, it is necessary to carry out the Common Application and follow the registration calendars. The Enem 2020 grade can be used to enter the 2022 class at Northeastern University. → Learn more


Toronto University – One of the largest in the country uses the Enem score in conjunction with the candidate’s school curriculum. Enrollment dates vary according to the chosen course, but you still have enrollment opportunities until June 2021. → Find out more

Humber College – With open enrollment throughout the year, the University follows the same criteria as the University of Toronto. The requirements are only changed according to each course, such as documentation, portfolio and extracurricular activities. → Learn more

All educational institutions have their own scholarship system, differing according to the regulations of each university, and the fees charged vary according to the local currency of each country.

According to Matheus, to continue on opportunities outside the country, it is necessary to be prepared for the challenges and follow the calendars of the desired universities.

And, for that, the specialist holds weekly free, live classes on his YouTube and Instagram channel, sharing experiences and tips to help young people from all over Brazil to win internships, scholarships, courses and jobs around the world .

“Dedication, willpower and a lot of study. It is important to be prepared when opportunities arise. Even with the difficulties to study in quarantine, the effort to get a good score in Enem is reflected in the results of the applications”, he says.

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