Emergency Aid 2021: DATAPREV consultation postponed

Emergency Aid 2021: DATAPREV consultation postponed
Emergency Aid 2021: DATAPREV consultation postponed
Attention, workers! It was all right for the emergency aid consultation DATAPREV start this Thursday (01). However, the deadline has just been postponed. According to information from the Federal Government, the consultation was extended to this Friday, April 2nd.

According to the Minister of Citizenship, João Roma, the online system for consultations is still being finalized. According to him, during an interview with CBN radio, starting this Friday the consultation will be available on the ministry page and also on the Dataprev website and Caixa. “It is a very large range of information, involving several institutions”, he revealed.

The beneficiary may carry out the consultation through the official portal. To do this, simply inform the CPF, full name, mother’s name and date of birth. It can also be done through Caixa channels: website or by phone 111.

By means of a note, Dataprev revealed that the new date was defined “according to the need to align the service channels of the three bodies directly involved in the program – Ministry of Citizenship, Dataprev and Caixa”.

“It is not necessary to go in person to Caixa branches. We will avoid agglomerations ”, said Minister João Roma. According to him, it will not be necessary to make any type of registration update or the Caixa TEM application.

The consultation will also enable the citizen to access the results of the analyzes, date of receipt and submission of orders between Dataprev and Box, motivation for the denial of the benefit, status of the second request and contestation of the denied request.

Emergency aid payments

The amount of 2021 emergency aid will vary. In other words, the values ​​will vary according to the profile of each Brazilian, and may be R$150, R$250 or R$375.

Initially, you will receive emergency assistance from R$ 150 the worker who lives alone, in a single person family. The value of R$ 250 will be paid to most beneficiaries (couples with or without children). Finally, the value of R$375 it will be for female heads of household (single-parent families).

Payment schedule is revealed

The emergency aid payment schedule (see here) has already been defined. During the month of April, 12 deposits will be made in workers’ accounts. The benefit will begin to be paid next Tuesday (06) for those born in January. The first cash withdrawal to be released will be on May 4, when this same group may go to an agency to withdraw the benefit.

Who can and who cannot receive 2021 emergency aid

For the worker not to have his benefit canceled, he can’t have acquired formal employment. In addition, the Brazilian should not be receiving financial resources from a social security, assistance, labor or federal income transfer program, except for the PIS / PASEP bonus and the Bolsa Família benefits.

In addition, he will not be able to:

  • have an indication of death in the National Civil Registry Information System – SIRC or in the Death Control System – Sisobi or have the CPF linked, as the institute, to the granting of a death pension of any kind; or
  • to be imprisoned in a closed regime or to have the CPF linked, as the institute, to the granting of prison aid.

Who can receive

Informal workers and Bolsa Família beneficiaries are eligible to receive emergency assistance. In addition, the benefit will also be available to those who have a family income of up to three minimum wages, that is, R $ 3,300, who have family income per person of up to half a minimum wage (R $ 550) and who received the aid in 2020 .

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