US launches campaign with celebrities to promote vaccination | People

US launches campaign with celebrities to promote vaccination | People
US launches campaign with celebrities to promote vaccination | People
The US Government launched a communication campaign, using celebrities and prominent figures from the communities, to promote vaccines against covid-19. The campaign “We can do this”(We managed to do this), the Department of Health and Human Resources includes television and social media ads, but also has the help of community groups, athletes, religious figures and celebrities to spread the message of confidence in the effectiveness of vaccines . The initiative is a response to the fear that the reluctance to be vaccinated could delay the country’s recovery from the new coronavirus pandemic. US Vice President Kamala Harris and surgeon general Vivek Murthy will meet on Thursday with more than 275 members of the support groups to kick off the project.

The idea came after studies have indicated that people who are more skeptical about vaccines are more likely to be influenced by well-known figures and health officials than by messages conveyed by politicians.

Courtney Rowe, director of strategic communication for the White House pandemic, has already informed US state governors of the new initiative, explaining that people need to hear “those they know and trust.”

The campaign is supported by health associations such as the American Medical Association, basketball and football sports leagues, unions, community organizations and religious groups. The Department of Health and Human Services will also launch its first national advertising campaign to promote vaccines among the elderly, Latinos and black Americans.

And, in partnership with the social network Facebook, it will create groups so that citizens can share their experiences after being vaccinated.

The President, Joe Biden, promised that by the end of May the entire adult population in the United States will be vaccinated, in the country that continues to have high numbers of new cases of contamination and has already registered more than half a million deaths with covid-19.

The covid-19 pandemic caused at least 2,816,908 deaths worldwide, resulting from more than 128.8 million cases of infection, according to a report made by AFP.

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