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In the interval between the game against Madureira, when Botafogo lost 1-0, Matheus Frizzo was accurate in the Botafogo TV broadcast: “We are being inefficient, we are sinning in this in most games. We have to be more efficient”. In the end, the team managed to reach the equalizer goal, but it was difficult to get the tie in 1 to 1.

If before Wednesday’s match Botafogo needed 12 kicks to score a goal in the Campeonato Carioca, that average increased slightly in the duel with Madureira, in Mesquita. In all, there were 14 black-and-white submissions, 10 out. The aim is not up to date on Marcelo Chamusca’s team, but this can be explained by the need to change the tire while the car is moving – as the coach himself spoke at the presentation press conference.

In Botafogo’s third draw against a small team in Carioca, old mistakes were repeated: such as inattention in defense and the problem of hitting the opponent’s goal. However, it should be noted the intensity that the team started the game, which brought hope to the fans. It seemed like a matter of time before the goal came out. And he left, but it is as the saying goes: he who does not take takes.

>>> Marcelo Chamusca regrets a draw and praises Matheus Babi: “It has been exemplary” <<<

1 of 3 Jonathan had Botafogo’s best chance before the team suffered Madureira’s goal – Photo: Vitor Silva / Botafogo

Jonathan had Botafogo’s best chance before the team suffered Madureira’s goal – Photo: Vitor Silva / Botafogo

>>> Babi scores and says: “While I’m here, I will defend Botafogo’s shirt” <<<

Not that Botafogo almost scored several goals. In fact, the only chance for danger, really, was a shot from outside Jonathan’s area that forced the goalkeeper to make a good save. But the volume of play displayed in the opening minutes pleased. However, the short time to train and the consecutive games prevent the team from achieving rapport more quickly.

– We are reformulating in an official competition. In other words, everything that happens with success and error is in official games. (…) The final finishing of the plays has yet to evolve. This finish involves the interaction of the players, who are practically getting to know each other in the games because we are not having enough time to train the players, establish a mechanic, train and repeat in the game. What have we been doing? We have been trying to find the grooves and the integration of the players during the games.

In addition to the rapport, Chamusca needs to find the most suitable way for Botafogo to punch well-placed defenses – as was the case with Madureira after the goal – and avoid the apathy that the team shows when things don’t go according to plan. One way out seems to be the possibility of placing two reference strikers. It worked against Nova Iguaçu and it was after Rafael Navarro entered the field and occupied the attack together with Matheus Babi that Bota got the tie.

On an afternoon / night that the team was not so prominent offensively speaking, it fell to the left-back to be the best on the pitch. PV has shown quality by taking the opportunity to leave the fourth option for the position and occupy the starting position, even at just 19 years old and having arrived at the club less than a year ago.

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2 of 3 PV was the best in the field for Botafogo on Wednesday – Photo: Vitor Silva / Botafogo

PV was the best in the field for Botafogo on Wednesday – Photo: Vitor Silva / Botafogo

  • PV has stood out in the position even at the age of 19 and shows personality;
  • Team with two area strikers offers more danger and has three goals in the last two games;
  • Movement in the opening minutes was interesting, but it lacked continuity;
  • Pressure in the opponent’s field needs to be more intense, but it generated some chances in the attack
  • Inattention in defense at the time of the first goal;
  • Team felt the goal conceded and only recovered their morale after drawing.

With the tie, Botafogo continues in sixth place and has the same 10 points as Portuguesa, who has one game less and closes the G-4. The next match is against the Ilha do Governador team, next Sunday, again at 5 pm (Brasília time) at Giulite Coutinho. Bota will still have two more duels against teams ahead of the table and ends the Guanabara Cup with the lantern Macaé.

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