Pilar da Ponte 25 de Abril where the ship hit is being inspected

A merchant ship with the Marshall Islands flag crashed on the southern pillar of the 25 de Abril Bridge, late Wednesday afternoon, while sailing on the Tagus River. At this moment, a technical team from Infraestruturas de Portugal is inspecting the pillar.

There were no casualties or apparent structural damage to the bridge, and there was no need to limit circulation. “The assessment they made yesterday is that there is no need to impose any limitation on circulation on the bridge”, explained the captain of the Port of Lisbon, Coelho Gil to JN.

The vessel has “some structural damage” and it is not yet known whether it will be able to continue its voyage. “The boat is undergoing technical appraisal to see if structural changes in any way compromise the safety of navigation and limit the ship’s exit to the sea. Sailing on the high seas is an activity with other constraints, which is now being evaluated” , further advanced Coelho Gil.

The ship arrived this Wednesday in Lisbon, in the late afternoon, to refuel fuel. It is planned to leave this Thursday around 8 pm. The reasons for the clash are not yet known. This Wednesday a process of investigations was initiated to investigate the circumstances of the accident.


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