Industry data in Brazil and the USA and the purchase of CEEE-D by Equatorial: The hottest news of the day | Companies

Industry data in Brazil and the USA and the purchase of CEEE-D by Equatorial: The hottest news of the day | Companies
Industry data in Brazil and the USA and the purchase of CEEE-D by Equatorial: The hottest news of the day | Companies

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) publishes, at 9 am, the Monthly Industrial Survey – Physical Production (PIM-PF) of February. According to a survey by Valor Data, the industry must have grown for the tenth time in a row, + 0.4% in relation to January, when industrial production also increased 0.4% on a monthly basis, in the seasonally adjusted series. After nine months of growth, the sector accumulated growth of 42.3%, eliminating the 27.1% loss registered between March and April, which had brought production to the lowest level in the series. Even with the positive behavior in recent months, the industrial sector is still 12.9% below the record level reached in May 2011. In relation to February 2020, the expectation is for an increase of 2.0%, in what would be the sixth consecutive increase.

Markit informs Brazil’s industrial PMI for March

The consultancy IHS Markit reports, at 10 am (Brasília time), the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) of the industrial sector in Brazil in March. The PMI rose from 56.5 in January to 58.4 points in February.

Secint announces March trade balance

The Special Secretariat for Foreign Trade and International Affairs (Secint) communicates, at 3 pm, the result of the March trade balance. The Brazilian trade balance registered a surplus of US $ 1.43 billion this year, up to the third week of March. Exports total US $ 46.94 billion and imports reach US $ 45.50 billion. In the accumulated result for the month, exports grew 26.4% and totaled US $ 15.81 billion, while imports rose 46.9% and totaled US $ 14.54 billion. Thus, the trade balance registered a surplus of US $ 1.27 billion. If only the third week of March is considered, they accounted for US $ 5.004 billion in exports and US $ 3.815 billion in imports, which generated a surplus of US $ 1.189 billion.

Fenabrave must present license plates in March

Fenabrave should present, at an undisclosed time, the result of vehicle sales in March, represented by the number of license plates. In February, new vehicle license plates, considering all automotive segments (automobiles, light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, road implements and others), totaled 242,080 units, down 17.48% compared to February last year ( 293,357 units). In comparison with January 2021 (274,081 units), the result was also negative, representing a decrease of 11.68%. The segments of automobiles and light commercial vehicles, together, decreased by 17.85% in February 2021 (158,237 units), in license plates, when compared to the same period last year (192,610 units). In relation to January, when 162,556 units were licensed, there was a decrease of 2.66%.

1 of 1 – Photo: Dado Galdieri / Bloomberg / Archive

– Photo: Dado Galdieri / Bloomberg / Archive

US shows initial jobless claims for week

The US Department of Labor shows, at 9:30 am (Brasília time), the number of new unemployment insurance claims required for the week until March 27. In the previous week, there were 684,000 initial orders. There are an estimated 680 thousand new orders.

Equatorial comments on the acquisition of CEEE-D in a conference call

Equatorial Energia will hold a conference call at 11 am to comment on the acquisition of the Rio Grande do Sul distributor CEEE-D. The only participant in the auction held yesterday at B3, Equatorial offered a symbolic bid for the asset, which is justified by the debts that Equatorial will assume, about R $ 4.2 billion.

M. Dias Branco has a 21% drop in profit

The biscuit and dry pasta maker M. Dias Branco recorded a 21% drop in net income for the fourth quarter compared to the same period last year, to R $ 209 million. Revenue rose 0.4%, to R $ 1.70 billion. Net income before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (Ebitda, in its acronym in English) fell 33.5%, to R $ 192.2 million. The company has a conference call with analysts at 11 am.

Petrobras receives nominations for advice

Petrobras announced that it had received nominations from the Franklin Templeton Investment Fund for the company’s fiscal council. The fund indicated, in the position of preferred shareholder, Reginaldo Ferreira Alexandre as holder of the board. Paulo Roberto Franceschi was appointed as an alternate.

Committee approves nomination for Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil’s people, compensation and eligibility committee approved the appointment of Fausto de Andrade Ribeiro for the position of president of the institution.

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