PSD in deaf war; Confidence to suspect?

PSD in deaf war; Confidence to suspect?
PSD in deaf war; Confidence to suspect?
EThis Thursday, the 1st, the national press does not ignore the Government’s decision to appeal to the Constitutional Court regarding the three diplomas of social support promulgated by the President of the Republic. “Law is law”, justified António Costa, an expression that today marks the covers of Newspaper e do Daily News. Also marking this eve of the holiday is the start of the delivery of the IRS.

Today is still the day for the Government to decide whether to take the next step in the deflation plan, scheduled for next Monday, the 5th. In this regard, the Daily News writes that “the figures of the pandemic give the Government confidence to suspect”.

Still on the pandemic, the JN reports that “the vacations of doctors and nurses depend on the evolution of Covid”. It’s the Public highlights the position defended by Gouveia e Melo on using the age criterion from the second phase of the vaccination plan. “It makes no sense to wait most of the time for all the groups to get vaccinated,” argues the vice admiral.

In the weeklies, the Express makes a headline with a warning from Marcelo to the parties:: ‘The country’s recovery implies making the next two OE feasible’. In turn, the Sunrise highlights the “deaf war in the PSD” referring to internal struggles from the north to the south of the country, with Rui Rio being the target of criticism.

Stay below with the main highlights of the national press (including sports) and in the gallery above the respective covers.

Morning mail:

– “Tax authorities make IRS to 3.6 million taxpayers”

– “Automatic declaration for more citizens lets you know what amount to receive or pay”

– “Faster refunds but less money”

– “MP accuses Rui Moreira of hiding crime”

– “Accusation calls Azeredo Lopes”

– “Americans point fingers at justice in ´Lex´”

– “Affair with Rangel and Vieira mentioned”

– “António Costa challenges Marcelo”

– “Government with green light to suspect”

– “‘Zé Saloio’ with rolex – History of the crime gives a blow of 18 thousand euros”

– “Revised law: Going hunting requires hunters to register”

– “Portuguese military personnel prepare a new mission in Africa”
– “Portugal undefeated: Francisco Conceição makes his debut in the under-21”

– “Sporting: Nuno Santos ready to play”

– “Sassy Lucy at 35”


– “Marcelo warns parties: ‘The country’s recovery implies making the next two OE feasible'”

– “What if Socrates is not tried for corruption?”

– “Costa’s new social support only reaches 39 thousand people”

– “Terraces open from Monday”

– “How museums prepare for reopening”

– “Math teachers help students without classes”

– “Impact of distrusting is only visible on the 19th”

– “Mozambique: Terrorists recruited in Tanzania”

– “Chinese in Portugal complain about racism”

– “Bosses and unions against teleworking”

– “Suez: National ports take a month to recover”

– “Macau journalists forced to praise China”

– “Managers propose changes”

– “Zeinal and Granadeiro no Constitucional”

– “Ricardo Reis wins European prize”

– “Law for work on platforms”


– “Vaccination against covid:” It does not make sense to wait most of the time for all groups to be vaccinated ‘ [Henrique Gouveia e Melo, líder da task force de vacinação]”

– “A quarter of people have not yet been vaccinated compared to expected”

– “Costa faces Marcelo and uses the Constitutional for social support”

– “Domestic violence: Advances victim status for exposed children”

– “IRS Guide: Government backs down and will no longer tax support for independents”

– “Eurozone: Moratoriums fall but Portugal is still at maximum”

– “‘Law is law’: António Costa opens tension with Belém”

– “Holidays of doctors and nurses depend on the evolution of the covid”

– “Coronavirus: Hyperes will sell rapid tests for less than seven euros”

– “Aximage JN / DN / TSF Survey: Majority of Portuguese approve phased reopening plan”

– “Almost 500 judges were punished in the decade and a half”

– “Fraud: French network washes money in Portugal”

– “Vandalism: Young man invades trains to show off”

– “Porto: Câmara forgives interest on arrears”

– “Penafiel: Paço de Sousa and Irivo fight for roundabout in court”

– “Switzerland 0-3 Portugal: Illuminated and refined”

News Diary:

– “‘Law is law’: Costa challenges Marcelo with the Constitution”

– “Plan: Numbers from the pandemic give the Government confidence to suspect”

– “Majority of the Portuguese approves a gradual reopening designed”

– “TAP, NB, PPP: State budget relies on time bomb of 2.5 billion in uncertain expenses”

– “Leader of the task force: Country was not prepared to vaccinate in six months. Portugal will receive 23 million additional doses”

– “Green Paper on the Future of Labor: Companies with more collective bargaining can be rewarded in the tax regime”

– “Free parking in Lisbon until April 13”

– “Almost 30 meters of water: António, the 18 year old Portuguese ‘big rider’ who will have surfed the biggest wave in Nazaré”

– “Mistreatment: There are too many children in institutions. CPCJ and the European Association warn of irreplaceable first years”

– “Report in Pemba: ‘There was hunger, but God is God’, says Estêvão after seven days of escape”


– “Exporters frustrated with Brexit delays”

– “The data is changing football”

– “Pedro Conceição, director of the office responsible for the Human Development Report: ‘Inequality in access to vaccines is morally repugnant'”

– “Foreigners are worth 40% of the housing market in Lisbon”

– “Conselho das Finanças Públicas bets on a new budget brilliance”

– “A crazy year brings historical minimums to record highs”

– “Work: Government wants to impose limits on out-of-hours contacts”

– “Parliament: Costa decides to send social support to the Constitutional”

The Economic Journal:

– “‘PAN has never shied away from opposing'”

– “Centeno sees a ‘very quick’ response from April”

– “Large banks cut 1,400 jobs and close 230 branches”

– “Credit granted by BES: Novo Banco sends dossier on project in Sesimbra to PGR, due to suspicions of illegality”

– “Pandemic: Number of new cases of covid-19 and transmissibility allows to maintain the lack of definition”

– “Law-brake: Government sends new support to the TC, but reinforcement will be accommodated in the State Budget”

– “JE Universidades: ‘We must have the ability to look ahead of our time’, says new European dean”

– “ET Cetera: Luz, Alvalade and Dragão – Change your name so you don’t have to change your life”

– “European Funds: Timber companies want the PRR to have 170 million euros for the Region”
– “Brexit: trade between Portugal and the United Kingdom will resume pre-pandemic values”

– “Partnership: JE subscribers are entitled to seats in the new PPR fund of Casa de Investimentos”


– “PSD in deaf war”

– “Francisco Balsemão about Sá Carneiro: ‘He was the one who, with preparation and objectivity, spoke about the topics that interested the majority”

– “Graça Carvalho: ‘Sá Carneiro had charisma, we haven’t had many comparable cases'”

– “GFK hearings under suspicion”

– “D-Day for José Sócrates: The evidence of Operation Marquis and the decision of Ivo Rosa”

– “Anselmo Borges: ‘It doesn’t make sense to have secret groups in a democracy'”

– “Government imposes brake by county”

– “Ana Jacinto (AHRESP): ‘We are already in April and the support announced in December has not yet reached companies'”

– “André Jordan and the tourism plan: ‘Portugal’s true vocation is to be a destination for residential tourism'”

– “At Sunrise: Ana Gomes defends Marcelo and Rocha Andrade attacks PR”

– “Mestre Vila: The Algarve and the world bid farewell to one of the best

The ball:

– “Tomás Araújo enchants Jesus”

– “18-year-old center took advantage of the call to Benfica’s main squad”

– “Seixal is seen as successor to Rúben Dias and has earned points for the next season”

– “Switzerland 0 – 3 Portugal: Portuguese-style ‘Tiki-taka’ towards the quarter-finals”

– “Sporting: SAD will take Palhinha to the top salary”

– “FC porto: The day that Casillas returned to Olival”


– “Worth gold”

– “Smashing wonder kids in the first phase of the European Championship”

– “Three wins in three games, 6-0 on goals”

– “Italy are the opponents in the quarter-finals”

– “Rui Jorge: ‘I’ve been enjoying a recital”

– “Rui Malheiro analyzes selection and expects Santos to leave”

– “Benfica: SAD anticipates installments for Man. City – Ruben Dias guarantees immediate liquidity”

– “Daniel dos Anjos is back”

– “Eagle tries to Aguero”

– “Sporting: Nuno Mendes and Palhinha aim for the Euro”

– “Duo left Fernando Santos good indications”

– “Paulinho seeks to break a 9-game fast”

– “FC Porto: Suspended for the first leg with Chelsea”

– “Sérgio Oliveira and Taremi without management”

– “Administrator Fernando gomes with covid-19”

– “Portimonense: Técnico says the conflict is ‘fixed'”

– “Paulo Sérgio expects Conceição to win the Champions”

The game:

– “Class to close”

– “Under-21 confirmed qualification for the ‘quarters’ with a lesson in good football”

– “Francisco Conceição made his debut – and with the right to a record”

– “‘I can’t imagine a FC Porto coach without this character”
– “Toul Martinez talks about the early days of blue and white and the daily routines with Sérgio Conceição”

– “Teams punish Mbemba and Corona”

– “Pepe can be a solution for the wear of Congolese and Diogo leite”

– “Sporting: Samuel and beto on the lion’s radar”

– “FC Porto-Malborg: Today there are eighths in the handball champions”

– “Benfica: Eagle falling in the national teams”

– “Vieira and Operation Lex arrive at the US Department of State”

– “Braga: ‘Best eleven of the centenary was a champion'”

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