US asks Beijing to stop ‘destroying’ Hong Kong democracy – News

US asks Beijing to stop ‘destroying’ Hong Kong democracy – News
US asks Beijing to stop ‘destroying’ Hong Kong democracy – News

The United States formally reaffirmed on Wednesday (31) that Hong Kong no longer enjoys the autonomy promised by China and therefore does not deserve favorable treatment from Washington, urging Beijing to “stop destroying democratic institutions” in the territory.

“We will continue to call on the People’s Republic of China to respect its international obligations and commitments: stop dismantling Hong Kong’s democratic institutions, autonomy and the rule of law, immediately release all unjustly imprisoned individuals and drop all charges against they, in addition to respecting the human rights of all the people of Hong Kong, “said the head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken, in a statement.

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The secretary of state said there would be “consequences for these actions”, while Beijing ratified on Tuesday (30) a radical reform of the Hong Kong electoral system that will totally marginalize the opposition.

In May, the government of former President of the United States, Donald Trump, had declared that the former British colony no longer had the “high degree of autonomy” guaranteed by China when the sovereignty transfer by London took place in 1997. As Consequently, it revoked the preferential commercial status enjoyed by Hong Kong.

A 2019 law provides that the government notifies the United States Congress each year about the state of autonomy in that territory.

“Last year, the People’s Republic of China continued to dismantle Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy,” mainly with Beijing’s controversial national security law, which “seriously undermined the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents,” he noted. Blinken.

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“I certify to Congress that Hong Kong does not deserve different treatment,” he added, confirming that Democrat Joe Biden’s government will continue the predecessor’s policy.

Likewise, Blinken again denounced “the arbitrary arrests and accusations of peaceful opponents, militants and demonstrators for political reasons”, in addition to the “de facto ban on public demonstrations”.

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