Microsoft wins billionaire contract with the U.S. Army

Microsoft wins billionaire contract with the U.S. Army
Microsoft wins billionaire contract with the U.S. Army

Microsoft has signed a $ 21 billion (R $ 118.3) contract from the United States Army to supply augmented reality headsets. The devices must assist soldiers in mapping battlefields, selecting targets and so that they can be alert to possible threats that are out of their field of vision.

The new agreement is part of the installation of IVAS, acronym in English for Integrated Visual Enhancement System. It is a set of investments by the American Army that is designed to make military intelligence data more useful for combatants. With the adoption of the project, faster and more accurate soldiers’ decisions on battlefields that are far from the bases.


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These devices are known as “tactical tips” and are based, among other things, on cloud computing. The decision was informed in a statement released by the Army, in which it was highlighted that the IVAS should help overcome current and future opponents.

Microsoft had no competition

Soldiers equipped with IVAS during training in the USA

Microsoft has been working on the development of IVAS for a number of years in a partnership called Another Transaction Authority. In this type of contract, military authorities are allowed to develop and test new technologies in collaboration with companies.

With the contract signed on Wednesday (31), the Army can scale the production of IVAS prototypes without seeking offers from other companies in the market. This mechanism allows military authorities to circumvent regulations that are applied to large government purchases and that they are less vulnerable to protests and tenders.

In practice, the value of the contract may be less than the $ 21 billion contracted depending on how many headsets are eventually purchased. The agreement is subject to two five-year increments and may be interrupted if the Army is not satisfied with the product.

The technology used in IVAS is similar to that existing in Hololens, a mixed reality headset from Microsoft that is offered to civilian customers, such as Japan Airlines, which uses it in flight simulations, and the Swiss giant Tetra Pak, which uses equipment for remote repairs to your packaging machines.

With information from The Washington Post

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