Macau urges USA not to interfere in the affairs of the territory

Macau urges USA not to interfere in the affairs of the territory
Macau urges USA not to interfere in the affairs of the territory

In the section concerning Macao, the report intentionally reverses the facts, ignores the reality and is full of biased comments and political prejudices. For this reason, the Macao SAR (Macao Special Administrative Region) expresses its firmest rejection and opposition“, underlines in the statement released on Wednesday night.”The United States of America has serious human rights problems and we do not recognize the right to make irresponsible comments and make unfounded accusations. We urge the United States to abandon the cold war mentality and ideological prejudice and to stop interfering in Macau’s affairs. and in the internal affairs of China “, can be read in the same note.

The United States indicated that one of the main human rights problems in Macau in 2020 was interference with peaceful meetings and freedom of expression, such as banning a vigil over Tiananmen and canceling an exhibition.

In the annual report on human rights of the US State Department, it is pointed out that in Macau the law provides for the freedom of peaceful assembly and association, but that the authorities have limited these same rights to the population.

The United States recalled the ban, for the first time in 30 years, of the vigil in memory of the Tiananmen massacre.

In the same report, the United States denounces that “the government (of Macau) has sometimes restricted” throughout 2020 freedom of expression, including for the press.

The document also recalls the reinforcement of video surveillance and cybersecurity, as well as the reinforcement of laws in Macau to ensure the good use and protection of the Chinese flag, emblem and anthem (providing for a sentence of up to three years in prison for those who publish and intentionally outrage the country symbols and representations).

Demonstration for press freedom in the face of Macao Broadcasting

An association will organize a demonstration in support of press freedom next Sunday, in front of the headquarters of Teledifusão de Macau (TDM), following a directive that requires a patriotic editorial line to Portuguese journalists.”We have already notified the police and there have been no objections so far“said the youngest deputy in the territory, Sulu Sou, who is also vice-president of the Novo Macau Association, the association that organizes the demonstration.

Press freedom is a fundamental right protected by law, an important vehicle for freedom of expression, and a precious asset of Macau“, read in a statement released by the association.

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