It is urgent to abolish the National Security Law and remove Bolsonaro

The group Observatório da Democracia, which brings together eight foundations of opposition parties to the government of President Jair Bolsonaro, has launched a manifesto calling for the abolition of the National Security Law and the removal of the chief executive.

In the document, signed by institutions of the PT, PSOL, PDT, PCdoB, PCB, Citizenship, PROS and PV, the group also proposes a Proposed Amendment to the Constitution “to include as one of the crimes of responsibility provided for in art. 85 of the Federal Constitution the actions that attempt against life, by sabotage or omission, in situations of epidemics and pandemics ”.

Read the full document:

In defense of democracy and life

Democracy Observatory

The Jair Bolsonaro government has a hard time getting rid of the dark specters of the military dictatorship. Especially because he does not want it, since it is mostly composed of clearly reactionary people.

Harassed by criticism of the disastrous conduct in combating the Covid-19 pandemic, the government of the former captain, who still calls himself a military man without being, since he was retired from the army for belligerent and insubordinate acts – “a bad military man”, in the words of former general president Ernesto Geisel -, a devotee of the decrepit torturer Brilhante Ustra, increasingly resorted to the unburied corpse of the National Security Law (LSN), version of 1983 – the last of the military dictatorship -, to try to intimidate and silence your critics.

Youtuber Felipe Neto and others who dared to call Bolsonaro by name – genocide – were threatened to be included in the legislation of exception.

Former Minister of Justice André Mendonça has also requested the opening of investigations based on the National Security Law against several critics of Bolsonaro.

Elaborated during the military dictatorship (1964-1985) to treat political divergences as crimes and, thus, to frame the opposition, LSN was not revoked in these three and a half decades of democracy, although it is an affront to the postulates of the “Citizen Constitution” of 1988 .

Over these three decades, there have been several attempts to revoke LSN in Congress, such as the projects of deputies Hélio Bicudo, in 1991; and that of former Minister of Justice Miguel Reale Júnior, in 2002.

In 2014, the final report of the National Truth Commission (CNV), which investigated the crimes of the dictatorship, recommended repealing the legislation, which reflected “the doctrinal conceptions that prevailed from 1964 to 1985”.

Currently, there are about three dozen legislative proposals to amend or revoke LSN, all stalled in Congress.

And there are also at least two lawsuits in the Federal Supreme Court (STF) asking for the constitutionality of the law to be analyzed.

But it took the advent of a far-right government, strongly committed to an anti-democratic project, so that the urgency of revoking LSN became clear and became a banner for all civil society.

Just as there is an urgent need to abolish LSN, Brazil needs to quickly remove from office a president of the Republic who has been systematically sabotaging the fight against the biggest health crisis in the history of Brazil.

In this sense, the Democracy Observatory, which brings together eight foundations of the opposition parties, launched on the 17th an open letter proposing to the National Congress a Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) to include as one of the crimes of responsibility provided for in art. 85 of the Federal Constitution the actions that attempt against life, by sabotage or omission, in situations of epidemics and pandemics.

The PEC aims to update the Constitution so that we can have instruments to face a dire situation like the current one, not provided for in the 1988 Charter.

PEC also makes it clear in Article 1 of the Constitution that the defense of life is one of the fundamental principles of the Republic.

To those who celebrate the 57th anniversary of the 1964 civil-military coup, we respond with the defense of democracy and life.


– Francisvaldo Mendes – President Lauro Campos Foundation / Marielle Franco (PSOL)

– Aloízio Mercadante – President of the Perseu Abramo Foundation (PT)

– Alexandre Navarro – vice president of the João Mangabeira Foundation (PSB)

– Caetano Ernesto Pereira de Araújo – General Director of the Astrogildo Pereira Foundation (Ciadania)

– Renato Rabelo – President of the Maurício Grabois Foundation (PCdoB)

– Felipe do Espirito Santo – President of the Foundation of the Social Order (PROS)

– Manoel Dias – Leonel Brizola Foundation / Alberto Pasqualini (PDT)

– José Carlos Lima – Executive Director of Fundação Verde Herbert Daniel (PV)


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