Dollar falls with US $ 2 trillion package in the US and political risk; Bag oscillates

New stimulus to the economy should be presented by President Joe Biden later on Wednesday

PixabayDollar retreats with investors awaiting presentation of stimuli in the USA

O financial market Brazil operates this Wednesday, 31, waiting for the officialization of a new package of US $ 2 trillion to stimulate the economy of the USA and still reflecting the beginning of the ministerial reform in the government of Jair Bolsonaro after the change of command in six portfolios, in addition to the departure of the leaders of the Armed Forces. Around 11:20 am, the dollar fall 1%, to R $ 5.705 after reaching a maximum of R $ 5.771 and a minimum of R $ 5.700. The US currency closed the day before with a drop of 0.08%, to R $ 5.762. O Ibovespa, reference of the Brazilian Stock Exchange, operates with a slight fall of 0.19%, to 116,627 points. The trading session ended this Monday, 30, with an increase of 1.24%, to 116,849 points.

Investors around the world are looking forward to the presentation of a new economic stimulus package by US President Joe Biden. The new measure should include US $ 2 trillion in investments in infrastructure, ranging from the revitalization of roads to the expansion of Internet access in several regions of the United States. According to the White House, the project will extend over the next eight years and will be funded by increased corporate taxes. Less than a month ago, the US Congress passed another $ 1.9 trillion package to boost the economy amid the recovery process for the new coronavirus.

The market still reflects the ministerial changes conducted by Bolsonaro earlier in the week and its effects on the approval of the reform agenda by Congress. In a single day, the commands in the Foreign Affairs, Justice, Defense, Federal Attorney General’s Office, Government Secretariat and Civil House departments changed. Already this Tuesday, reflecting the changes the day before, the commanders of the Army, Air Force and Navy left the positions in an unprecedented attitude. The Executive has not yet appointed the new leaders of the Armed Forces.


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