BBB21: In a new “DR” with Juliette, Gilberto ventes and confesses his biggest regret in reality – watch

After Sarah’s elimination in the “BBB 21”, Gilberto was very heartbroken. However, this afternoon (31), he and Juliette – former partners in the game – had a positive “DR”, getting the points right about their disagreements. The Paraiba tried to cheer him up and, some time later, said that he would never exclude him in the house.

While chatting outside, Juliette and Fiuk suggested that Gil put on a drag queen for some reality show party. “Gil, you without a beard to put on makeup are drooling! Put on a Camilla lace and that’s it ”, said the makeup artist, very excited about the idea. “So let’s go to the party on Saturday”, he agreed. “You ask for feminine clothing. But do you really want to, or are you going with my excitement? ”, she wanted to know, to which the doctoral student said yes, she wanted to live that moment.

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Later, Gil explained that he intended to guarantee good memories at home, so he would live that week to the fullest. “You have to take the opportunity to experience the things that we have to make this here unforgettable, you know? God forbid, if we go out that door, and only have good memories. I want this to be the most memorable week for me ”, mentioned.

According to UOL, as soon as Fiuk left, Juliette spoke to Gil about the pain of Sarah’s “loss”, trying to encourage him. “A lot of people like you, even in here. If you really did something that you regret, try to ease it. And it is not drooling anyone, nor changing their behavior. It’s you getting well. Being happy in here does not mean that you like Sarah less. It is a mourning, even a Christian one ”she pointed out.

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In the sequence, Gilberto assumed that he only regrets the disagreements he had with Juliette, so he does not have so many concerns. “The only person I think was wrong here was with you. But I don’t think I’m going to go out with anyone’s remorse. It’s only up to you ”, he said, who was reassured by the lawyer. “I’m here, talking to you”, she stressed about her support. “That [que eu fiz] it is something that I really regret ”, concluded the Pernambuco. He also regretted “putting Sarah on a crazy cake”, believing he was responsible for eliminating her.

After hearing the outburst about Gil’s mistakes, Juliette tried to welcome him. “I’m not going to exclude you in here. What has been done is not erased. Not what happened good either. I’ll just be sure of everything that happened when I left. I am not going to hit the hammer now and say that you are a horrible person, a traitor. Not”, said the Paraiba.

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She also stressed that she trusts the sincerity of the experiences they had together at home. “I will understand what happened. I will consider it, but I will not exclude you. I still believe that everything we lived here was true. If your concern is for me, you can get that guilt off your back. I am a big girl and I know the world is not colorful ”, added Juliette.

Juliette’s speech went on, while she explained why her brother didn’t have to worry about what he did. “Good people do bad things. Bad people do good things. There is no such thing as good and bad. It does not have. If this is your concern, leave. Forgive yourself, because I don’t need to excuse, forgive. What happened, happened ”, she said.

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The sister also reassured him about Sarah. “As for Sarah… Sarah is happy outside. She is a professional, she is a beautiful girl. She has a thousand qualities. 20 a few days and everyone is out there. Do not increase what you already have. This is already too big, it’s heavy, it’s difficult for everyone. If you raise it too much, you can’t load it. Stop giving up on things without it happening. Do not anticipate. You don’t know anything, nobody knows anything ”, reinforced.

Will it be that in the midst of so much evil and so much war, will these two unite again?

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