Marcelo Chamusca regrets Botafogo’s draw and praises Matheus Babi: “It has been exemplary” | boot

Marcelo Chamusca regrets Botafogo’s draw and praises Matheus Babi: “It has been exemplary” | boot
Marcelo Chamusca regrets Botafogo’s draw and praises Matheus Babi: “It has been exemplary” | boot

– Our analysis has been done game by game. I have been following everything that has happened in relation to Babi. It has been said that there is no official negotiation, that he was negotiated with another club. The player has been exemplary within my management. He arrives on time, is one of the first ever in training, has been working hard and was eager to score goals. The number of balls he recovered today was incredible, and he even scored the equalizer. We are very calm.

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1 of 2 Marcelo Chamusca gave a press conference after the game – Photo: Vitor Silva / Botafogo

Marcelo Chamusca gave a press conference after the game – Photo: Vitor Silva / Botafogo

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For this Wednesday’s match, Marcelo Chamusca could not count on Marcelo Benevenuto and José Welison. With the two outgoing players, the coach stated that the club will look for players in the market to fill this absence, but remembered that it shouldn’t be so simple.

– We have athletes arriving with a slightly different characteristic than Zé Welison. Marcelo, let’s get it. We will seek both positions in the market, but with peace of mind. Many options are already employed. We are analyzing the possibilities. Probably, we will look for another defender and another steering wheel to compose these exits.

With the result, Botafogo is in sixth place, with 10 points, the same number as Portuguesa, first team in the classification zone for the semifinals, but who has one game less. Bota’s next match is against the Ilha do Governador team, next Sunday, at 5 pm (Brasília time) at the same Giulite Coutinho.

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– I think that in some ways we managed to evolve. We are rephrasing within an official competition. In other words, everything that happens with success and error is in official games. This is far from the ideal scenario. Our start of the game, until the moment we scored the goal, we had a very interesting control. We created a lot on the side of the field, attacked and worked well on the depth game, which we knew Madureira had a certain difficulty with. Vasco attacked Madureira’s last line a lot and managed to find some spaces like that.

– We had a good possession of the ball. The opponent came with the proposal to play for a ball, managed to find that ball in the first half and in the second the game became more difficult. But we still kept control. There were 14 submissions against seven of the opponent. From what we built in the game, we deserved a better result. The final finishing of the plays has yet to evolve. We can reach a lot in the last third, but we still need to finish better.

– This finish involves the integration of the players, who are practically getting to know each other in the games because we are not having enough time to train the players, establish a mechanic, train and repeat in the game. What have we been doing? We have been trying to find the grooves and the integration of the players during the games. In the first half we managed to create some interesting situations, but the last pass and a better understanding of the game mechanics are missing.

– This will only happen with time and the sequence of games. This is the main job of the coach: finding the fit of the pieces so that we can have a better understanding between the players and end the plays better.

– As soon as the club signals me that the athlete was negotiated, then we will have two opportunities: Navarro and Matheus Nascimento. Navarro has had more opportunities, has participated well, provided assistance for goals. Matheus also had opportunities, now it’s Navarro’s turn. It is difficult to give opportunity to both at the same time, to change two players from within. I even managed to do that at some point.

– We chose options to refresh the sectors. Today we already gave Jonathan a rest, Kayque, I put Navarro to work with Babi. Madureira was well organized, playing for a ball there. Substitutions and choices are consistent and constantly changing. In the next game, we can choose to choose another athlete. The role of the coach is to seek the best fit.

Botafogo having to run after the injury

– Control of the game was ours. Possession of the ball, creation of opportunities … We can easily attack. The last ball needed a better finish. In a collective failure, Madureira found the goal they were looking for, they were playing to score a goal and hold on. We had the opportunity to adjust without making changes. When we came back, we saw that the game scenario would be more difficult, the opponent did not want to attack anymore.

– I charged to step more in the area, improve the finish on the last pass and have more players in the opponent’s field. It is very bad to go after it, but the team has shown that it can react. He had chances at the end of the game.

– Matheus Nascimento is an excellent player, with extraordinary potential. He is an attacker who, due to his age, has a very high level of maturity, good finishing power, movement … But he is an athlete who is maturing. We need to be calm, you can’t run over. Unfortunately, I can only cast 11 players. In some moments, we have to choose. I gave Matheus a few minutes and now I’m giving Navarro a few minutes. It is just a matter of tactical analysis.

– In the last few games, we needed a player who pressed more, had more intensity in the defensive part too. Navarro did that well.

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