Covid-19: Deaths in the US are expected to increase again with the fourth wave of the pandemic | Health

Covid-19: Deaths in the US are expected to increase again with the fourth wave of the pandemic

Deaths from Covid-19
they should grow again, as the country faces a new wave of contamination by the coronavirus. A small increase, reversing weeks of decline, could mean tens of thousands of additional deaths as the country accelerates its vaccination campaign, which has already immunized 29% of Americans with more than 145 million doses applied.

Hospitalizations are increasing again in half the country, and US disease control and prevention centers have warned that the country may be entering a fourth wave of the pandemic. For weeks, experts indicated that the numbers would increase again at the end of March, given the global spread of the new most contagious variants and the end of restrictive measures in several states in the country.

According to the Covid-19 Forecast Hub, a program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, deaths are expected to drop to 6,028 in the week ending April 10, before increasing slightly. This forecast was updated on Tuesday, and is based on dozens of independent models, projecting scenarios for up to four weeks in the future.

Public health experts expected vaccination to mean a steady decline in deaths during the summer, but that scenario is not confirmed. A plateau of around 1,000 deaths per day translates to about 30,000 deaths per month – and more until July 4, the country’s Independence Day, when President Joe Biden said the country could return to apparent normalcy .

Still, targeted vaccination of nearly three-quarters of the community aged 65 or older is expected to prevent an increase in deaths of the magnitude that the U.S. has seen in previous waves. Elderly people in the USA are responsible for four out of five deaths from Covid-19, and at least 73% of elderly people received one or more doses.


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