In view of the “good moment” that the country is going through in relation to the pandemic, Costa announces that the Government should advance in the lack of definition – Actualidade

This perspective was taken by António Costa at a press conference in São Bento, after being questioned about the financial weight inherent to the diplomas approved by parliament and promulgated by the President of the Republic that reinforce social support in the context of the covid-19 epidemic.

“Fortunately, we are in a good moment of pandemic control. The number of cases has been decreasing, the number of inpatients in intensive care has been decreasing, the number of deaths has been decreasing and we are already executing our health program. dropping the defibrillation “, declared the prime minister.

Accordingly, according to António Costa, “if all goes well, this Thursday the Council of Ministers will be able to confirm that next Monday the country will take new steps in the lack of definition”.

The new steps, he specified, are “those that are scheduled for the 5th of April”.

Now, for the Prime Minister, the rules of one of these diplomas regarding support for parents, who are forced to be at home because their children are closed with schools, mean that “they would not even be at least applicable now”.

“But we are still at a very early stage of the year. We still have a long process ahead, in which, unfortunately, the pandemic can worsen and where what we have already achieved can go backwards,” he warned.

Then, António Costa himself put the following on a part of those diplomas approved by parliament: “If schools are going to open in the second and third cycles next Monday, why are they going to require the declaration of unconstitutionality of a law that is it really not even going to be applicable?

However, according to the Prime Minister, the Government will ask for the inspection of these diplomas, “because there is something that everyone must be aware of”.

“The battle against the pandemic is not yet won, we may have setbacks, we may have to come – I hope not – to retreat and close the schools of the second and third cycles again. And then that law would really be applicable. So, it is not useless to inspect the constitutionality of this law “, he claimed.

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