Robots start delivering parcels in U.S. city

Robots start delivering parcels in U.S. city
Robots start delivering parcels in U.S. city
Imagine this situation: you are at home, the doorbell rings and, when you open the door, you have a robot holding the box of the product you just bought over the internet. The delivery service of the future looks like science fiction, but it is already being tested in the city of Albany, USA.

Digit was developed by Agility Robotics, a company specialized in manufacturing humanoid robots with functional arms and legs. On a daily basis, he is able to load packages weighing up to 18 kg without complaint. Cameras and motion sensors help the “delivery man” to overcome barriers and obstacles so that the orders arrive intact at their destination.

Digit in action carrying boxes weighing up to 18 kg (Image: Reproduction / Agility Robotics)

The residents of Albany, which has about 55,000 inhabitants, have become accustomed to seeing Agility engineers walking robots through the city streets. The idea is to improve their sense of direction, in addition to promoting this “interaction” with people.

“For these robots to be part of society, you need to be comfortable with their presence,” says company founder Jonathan Hurst.


Delivery do futuro

The demand for fast and free delivery systems has increased considerably in recent years. In the USA, 16 companies already have vehicle fleets that do not require drivers to reduce the cost of meat and bone employees.

The big problem with these deliveries is that they are restricted to happening on the sidewalk, making the buyer have to go there to pick up the goods. Using Digit, delivery could be customized, with the robot going to the door to deliver the product.

Ford has already shown interest in adding robots to its autonomous vehicle fleet. So far, there are two new “employees” who work separating the products in the company’s warehouse and also on the street, making deliveries.




Despite not receiving a salary, Digit is not cheap and each unit costs US $ 250 thousand (about R $ 1.3 million), apart from maintenance expenses. Agility expects to build 40 robots by the end of the year, and large-scale production could help bring the Digit price down to around $ 70,000.

The Digit is worth more than a luxury car (Image: Reproduction / Agility Robotics

Investment, for now, is restricted to large companies in the industry that need to find solutions that, in the medium and long term, can become economically viable to replace human labor with cyber employees.

Would you trust?

A robot with arms and legs circling around is still a scene that we are only used to seeing in the cinema, in situations that do not always end well. Imagine what it would be like to run into drones, androids and humanoid machines at every corner, performing any and all types of activities that were previously exclusive to human beings.

Is the change worthwhile to have a faster, safer and more efficient delivery service? Can the proliferation of robots cause unemployment and a worse quality of life among humans, or will it bring a better general well-being for humanity? Would you like a robot to deliver your next order? Comment.

Font: KWA, Agility Robotics

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