Brazilian athletes of the mixed 4x400m relay go to camping in the USA

Brazilian athletes of the mixed 4x400m relay go to camping in the USA
Brazilian athletes of the mixed 4x400m relay go to camping in the USA
With an eye on the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, Brazilian athletes from the 4x400m mixed relay go to the International Training and Competition Camping at the Chula Vista Olympic Center, in San Diego, in the United States. There, activities will be held from April 6.

The initiative is part of the Olympic Preparation Program (PPO), in a partnership between the Brazilian Athletics Confederation (CBAt) and the Brazilian Olympic Committee. Brazil, already guaranteeing the Olympics, is also preparing for the World of Relays in Silesia, in Poland, on the 1st and 2nd of May.

The camping was only made possible due to agreements between the COB and the United States Olympic Committee. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the site will have tests and evaluations promoted by the Olympic Laboratory in the areas of biochemistry, physiology, biomechanics, among others, as previously agreed with coaches and athletes, as well as specific activities developed for the groups. relays and participation in preparatory and verification competitions.

Lucas da Silva Carvalho (Fecam / Assercam), Anderson Freitas Henriques (Abblu), Alexander Russo (Orcampi), João Henrique Falcão Cabral (CT-Maranhão), Tiffani Marinho (Orcampi), Tabata Vitorino de Carvalho ( AA Maringá), Victoria Belo de Sena (APA-SP) and Cristiane dos Santos Silva (UCA).

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In San Diego, athletes from the mixed 4x400m relay will meet the men’s and women’s 4x100m teams, which went to the United States on March 16. The camping ends on April 19, when the summoned athletes travel to Rio Maior, in Portugal, for acclimatization, before going to Poland.

Along with the group, there will also be coaches Evandro Lázari, Leonardo Ribas, Antônio Nílson de Souza and Inaldo Sena and doctor Débora Borowik Reiss. Márcio Teles (Orcampi), 400m hurdles athlete, qualified for the Tokyo Games and participant in the Individual Olympic Preparation Program of the Brazilian Olympic Committee is another who will be part of the camping.
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