Rui Moreira’s movement reiterates that Selminho’s case is politically motivated

Rui Moreira’s movement reiterates that Selminho’s case is politically motivated
Rui Moreira’s movement reiterates that Selminho’s case is politically motivated

The movement led by the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, reiterated this Wednesday that a political process is underway in the Selminho case, where the independent mayor is accused by the Public Ministry (MP) of a crime of malfeasance.

“The news published today, a few hours after the PSD candidate’s public presentation to the Porto Chamber and on the day that in Portalegre different Independent Movements are gathered to fight so that they are guaranteed minimum conditions – not of equality, but minimum -, so that they can run for municipal elections, it only reinforces this Movement’s conviction of the political process that is underway “, reads a statement from Associação Porto, Nosso Movimento.

Lusa reported this Wednesday that the Public Ministry (MP) has no doubts about the “criminal activity” of the Mayor of Porto in the Selminho case, reiterating that it benefited the family’s real estate to the detriment of the municipality.

The position appears in the response of MP Nuno Serdoura’s attorney to the Request for the Opening of Instruction (RAI) presented by the defense of Rui Moreira, who invoked, among other arguments, the nullity of the accusation, considering it “manifestly unfounded, due to the lack of elements objectives of the legal type of crime attributed to the accused – prevarication “.

Stressing that the article in question adds nothing to what had already been said about the Selminho case, the independent movement considers that “these coincidences will definitely clarify the few who would still have doubts about the true motivations of this process”.

Although regrettable, the Movement considers that the news “has at least one great advantage: it contributes to the greater clarification of the Portuenses”, which they are pleased to note.

In December, the MP accused the independent mayor of malfeasance, in an apparent contest with a crime of abuse of power, incurring the loss of mandate, for allegedly favoring his family’s real estate company (Selminho), already during his term (he took office) on October 23, 2013), to the detriment of the autarchy.

This was in a judicial conflict that opposed the municipality for several years to the real estate company, which intended to build on a plot of land in the Arrábida escarpment.

The former Minister of Defense, who before joining the Government was Rui Moreira’s chief of staff after taking office as Mayor of Porto (CMP), on October 23, 2013, is one of the 20 names on the list. list of witnesses to the prosecution of the MP.

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