Award-winning coffee from ES wins coffee shops in the US and Australia

Award-winning coffee from ES wins coffee shops in the US and Australia
Award-winning coffee from ES wins coffee shops in the US and Australia

Espírito Santo arabica coffees stocked in the Sey Coffee cafeteria in New York. Credit: Disclosure | Incaper

Capixaba specialty coffees are winning over coffee shops in New York and Los Angeles, in the United States, and also on the other side of the world, in Australia. The exported grains are produced in the cities of Castelo and Brejetuba by coffee growers William Sartori, José Antônio Romão and Valdeir de Paula, who were winners of the Special Coffee Awards of Espírito Santo.

One of them resulted in the export of lots to the micro-roasting and Sey Coffee cafeteria, based in Brooklyn, New York, which aims to deliver a selection of the best, most dynamic and complex coffees in the world. Sey Coffee has already won the award for best roasting and coffee in the United States.

According to Incaper, the coffees sold were awarded first, second and third places, in the arabic category of the award. The quality of the coffees is earning praise in the “economic capital of the world”, where the tasters classified the capixaba coffees as exotic, with an innovative sensory profile and great flavor complexity.

The globally certified coffee evaluator Q-Grader, Rafael Marques, participated as a judge in the award’s coffee tastings. He was also a buyer of Arabica coffees through Faf Coffees, the company responsible for the purchase, connection and export of the champion batches to the roasters and coffee shops in the United States and Australia.

The coffees were exported in bags with the Reserva Capixaba pattern, a project created by the company to illustrate the valley where the coffee was produced and its quality. According to Rafael, the specialty coffees produced in Espírito Santo have an innovative profile.

Rafael Marques

Coffee Appraiser

“Buyers were surprised by the capixaba coffees. They pointed out that they are similar to Kenya’s coffees, which have a great complexity of flavor, unique characteristics of terroir, which result in a heritage of decisive factors to make the drink more refined. to find coffee in Brazil with such sensory profile innovation “

The coffee that won first place in the awards was also destined for Los Angeles, in the United States. The cafeteria with the name SPLA refers to the acronyms of the cities of São Paulo and Los Angeles. The owner is American and paid homage due to the years he lived in the Brazilian city.

On the other side of the world, the Supreme Coffees coffee shop, in Australia, was the one that received Arabica coffee and won second place in the Special Coffee Awards of Espírito Santo.


Over the years, Espírito Santo has consolidated itself as an important producer of specialty and exotic coffees. Proof of this is that the State has aroused the interest and curiosity of several importers, exporters, coffee shops and roasters in Brazil and the world, as mentioned by Incaper extensionist Douglas Gonzaga. For him, the important awards won reinforce even more the evolution of the quality of both Arabica and Conilon coffee.

The extension worker, who is also a coffee evaluator, stressed the importance of awards that put all this work in evidence, brings together those involved in the production chain and highlights the work of our farmers, giving visibility to our coffees, in addition to projecting them for the Brazil and the world.

“Seeing the capixaba coffees occupying the shelves and cups of national and international cafeterias is extremely gratifying for us, as it represents the appreciation of the work of our farmers. In addition, it shows that technical assistance work and incentives for the production of specialty coffees have yielded fruits and good coffees, ”said Douglas Gonzaga.

* With information from Incaper


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