Queiroga wants one million vaccinated a day in Brazil as early as April | Brazil

Queiroga wants one million vaccinated a day in Brazil as early as April | Brazil
Queiroga wants one million vaccinated a day in Brazil as early as April | Brazil

The minister spoke about the matter during a public hearing that is now taking place in the Chamber of Deputies. “I cannot be the solution [para a pandemia], I came to join you to have a series of actions to deal with the pandemic. Vaccines are the solution. We have 37,000 vaccination rooms in Brazil and they can vaccinate 2.4 million Brazilians every day. Our main problem is that we do not have a regular dose of these vaccines. They are distributed as soon as they arrive in the country. We have already distributed almost 35 million doses, but we have reported that only 13 million have been applied. This does not mean that the others have not been applied, there is underreporting. We need a quick notification “, he explained.” Our goal is to reach one million vaccinated people a day in Brazil and we are confident that we will reach this goal “, he added.

Queiroga also listed a series of actions taken by him since he took office eight days ago. One of these initiatives, he admitted, was to make a “closer relationship” with the scientific community, something that had been avoided by the Bolsonaro government. “I have already met with several state and municipal health secretaries to expand the dialogue. We have opened up greater communication with the press. I have been entering the Ministry of Health through the front door, which is where the minister has to go,” he said.

In addition, the minister agreed that the portfolio has had difficulty guaranteeing supplies for the so-called “intubation kit”, which is necessary in the care of critically ill patients in beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). “We have problems with strategic inputs for the intubation kit”. The Ministry of Health has been tenacious to monitor the stocks of the pharmaceutical industry, “he said.” We are concerned that we have a high mortality rate, which in some places, is close to 80%. We need to save people and comfort suffering. What’s the solution? There is no magic wand “.

The doctor also commented on the problems in the distribution of liquid oxygen. He said that Brazil is making an agreement with Canada so that the country has 50 trucks of its own for the delivery of this input. “Brazil produces oxygen, but the difficulty is to take this oxygen in liquid form to the entire national territory. We are importing trucks, we need to reach the number of 50 trucks and we are making an agreement with Canada”, he emphasized.

Queiroga showed disagreement, however, in relation to the discussions so that the private sector can also purchase vaccines and immunize people. “Personally, I understand that the SUS should be the driver of the vaccination policy, but with respect to Congress and the Planalto Palace, we have to welcome the possibility of the private sector bringing vaccines,” he said.

Finally, the new minister asked for a vote of confidence from parliamentarians. “One of my first acts was to publish an ordinance that requires the use of masks within the Ministry of Health,” he said, indirectly, to the team of former minister Eduardo Pazuello. “I took over the Ministry of Health eight days ago, I haven’t stopped for a minute and I’m going to work to reestablish a new scenario [no enfrentamento à pandemia]. I didn’t come here [governo federal] to do politics and I ask for a vote of confidence from you, “he concluded.

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