Babi scores, and Botafogo ties with Madureira, who remains undefeated – 03/31/2021

Babi scores, and Botafogo ties with Madureira, who remains undefeated – 03/31/2021
Babi scores, and Botafogo ties with Madureira, who remains undefeated – 03/31/2021
Botafogo and Madureira were in a 1-1 draw this afternoon (31), at Giulite Coutinho, for the Carioca Championship. The result was better for the suburban Tricolor, which remained in the G4. Alfredo Sampaio’s team even opened the scoring with Luiz Paulo and Alvinegro drew with Matheus Babi.

With the score, Glorioso went to 10 points, being in sixth place, while Madureira was 11, in third position.

In the next round, Glorioso faces Portuguesa on Sunday, again at Giulite Coutinho. The suburban tricolor receives Flamengo, on Monday, in a place yet to be defined.

Change in the starting lineup

Botafogo entered the field with modifications. Author of the winning goal over Nova Iguaçu, Marco Antônio won a spot in the team. In the vacancy, the duo was formed by Kanu and Gilvan – negotiating with Fortaleza, Marcelo Benevenuto was not listed.

Domain alvinegro

Coach Marcelo Chamusca’s team managed to dictate the pace of the game until the technical stop, 20 minutes into the first half. General Severiano’s team closed the spaces and made it difficult for Madureira to maintain possession of the ball. In the attack, he explored the tips and was in danger.

But the goal …

The score, however, was opened by Madureira, in a move with failure of the defense of Botafogo. After a high ball in the area, Kanu was unable to make the cut, she hit Jonathan and was left in the face of Douglas Borges, who ruled out badly. On the rebound, Luiz Paulo swung the net.

Change of scenery

After the goal, the game gained another panorama. Botafogo fell and started to have less volume in the attack field, while the suburban Tricolor managed to have a little more the ball.

Search for alternatives

In the first half of the final stage, the game had features similar to those of the beginning of the duel. Botafogo managed to have more of the ball, but it was coming up against the strong opponent’s mark and could not find spaces easily. The suburban tricolor, in turn, bet on speeding exits. Chamusca played with the team and put Ênio and Ronald on the field, in an attempt to get the team to find paths in the attack field.

Babi tie

Alvinegro went to “all or nothing” and managed to reach the tie with Matheus Babi. Rafael Navarro, who had just entered, kicked a cross, Felipe Lacerda hit and the number 11 completed for the net. Babi, in fact, has been the target of some clubs in this transfer window and Alvinegro analyzes the situations presented.

Debut in Botafogo

Recently hired, midfielder Ricardinho made his debut with the shirt of Botafogo when he entered the vacancy of the defensive midfielder Kayque.


In the final minutes, Botafogo almost reached the turning point. After a corner kick, Navarro swerved and Edmário, when trying to cut, sent the crossbar. On the rebound, Kanu stretches, but fails to send the goal.

There and here

The two teams went up and almost reached the second goal at the end. Madureira headed by Maurício, defended by Douglas Borges. Botafogo, in the submission of Frizzo who stopped in the defense.

Complaints to the final whistle

In the last game of the match, Ricardinho took a free kick and Madureira’s goalkeeper spread it out. Before the corner kick, the referee signaled the end of the confrontation, which led to protests from alvinegros players.


Competition: Guanabara Cup – Campeonato Carioca
Local: Giulite Coutinho, in Mesquita (RJ)
Data: March 31, 2021, Wednesday
Horario: 17h (from Brasília)
Referee: Wagner do Nascimento Magalhães
Assistants: Thiago Henrique Neto Corrêa Farinha and Lilian da Silva Fernandes Bruno
Yellow cards: Humberto, Juninho Monteiro, Edmário, Rhuan (MEC); Matheus Babi, Rafael Navarro (BOT)
Red cards: –
Goals: Luiz Paulo, from Madureira, at 23 ‘/ 1st Q; Matheus Babi, from Botafogo, at 27 ‘/ 2nd Q

Botafogo: Douglas Borges; Jonathan (Warley), Kanu, Gilvan, Paulo Victor; Kayque (Ricardinho), Matheus Frizzo, Marcinho (Rafael Navarro), Felipe Ferreira (Ronald), Marco Antônio (Ênio); Matheus Babi. Technical: Marcelo Chamusca

Madureira: Felipe Lacerda; Rhuan Rodrigues, Edmário, Maurício Barbosa, Juninho Monteiro; Feitosa, Humberto, Nivaldo (Caíque Valdivia); Bruno Santos (Natan), Sillas Gomes, Luiz Paulo (Sampaio). Technical: Alfredo Sampaio

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