Social support: Government advances to the Constitutional Court

Social support: Government advances to the Constitutional Court
Social support: Government advances to the Constitutional Court

The Prime Minister announced this Wednesday that the Government will send the diplomas of the reinforcement of social support to the Constitutional Court and removed any conflict between the Executive and the President of the Republic.

Our Constitution is very clear in the allocation of powers. What the Constitution does not allow is that, now, the Parliament can increase the expenditure with these supports, beyond the foreseen in the Budget that the Parliament itself approved ”, said António Costa in a statement to the country.

Thus, reinforced the Prime Minister, the three diplomas “violate the Constitution” because “impose an increase in the expenditure fixed in the Budget”.

Costa also highlighted the “huge effort” that has been done to respond to the needs of the people most affected by the pandemic and pointed out that, “at the initiative of the Government, measures to support the family, self-employed workers and incentives for health professionals are already in force”.

António Costa also said that, in his opinion, “therefore, the merit or demerit of the measures is not at stake “ approved by parliament.

What is at stake is the defense of the Constitution and the way in which it guarantees the stability of the budget and establishes the balance of powers between the Government and the Assembly of the Republic. Law is Law and the Constitution is the Supreme Law, which is our duty to comply and enforce, whether popular or unpopular measures, whether or not we are in an election year, whether or not the majority government. The Constitution is always the Constitution “, reinforced the prime minister in his speech.

António Costa also announced that he will ask for an “urgent” assessment.

We are going to ask for urgency, because it is urgent to clarify this situation, either for the Government that has to enforce the laws, or above all for the beneficiaries that have to be sure and secure about what is the universe of support they will or will not receive “, justified António Costa.

Diplomas will enter into force until the court decides

The Prime Minister further clarified that the three diplomas will advance pending the decision of the Constitutional Court.

The diplomas will come into force until the Constitutional Court decides. The Government is not entitled to not comply with laws approved by the Assembly of the Republic, even if they are unconstitutional “, he told reporters.

At issue are three diplomas: the one that expands the universe and the scope of the social support provided for self-employed workers, managers and sole proprietors, the one that increases the support for parents in teleworking and the one that extends the scope of the exceptional measures for the workers. health professionals in the context of the pandemic also to the recovery of primary and hospital care not related to covid-19.

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