After almost a month at Onda Roxa, the Northern Triangle advances to Onda Vermelha; South and Northwest Triangle do not change phases | Mining Triangle

After almost a month at Onda Roxa, the Northern Triangle advances to Onda Vermelha; South and Northwest Triangle do not change phases | Mining Triangle
After almost a month at Onda Roxa, the Northern Triangle advances to Onda Vermelha; South and Northwest Triangle do not change phases | Mining Triangle

The regions follow the guidelines of the most restrictive phase of the state program since March 6. In Onda Roxa, municipalities are required to follow state regulations or determine stricter measures.

With the decision announced this Wednesday, the municipalities included in Onda Vermelha will not be obliged to follow the state government’s determinations, as is the case of Uberlandia, which does not follow state regulations outside Onda Roxa. O G1 contacted the city halls of the main cities in the regions (see below).

According to the Minas Gerais State Secretariat of Health (SES-MG), the Northern Triangle advanced to the Red Wave after register remains of 18% in the incidence rate in the last 14 days. The region also registered drop in the number of hospitalizations in the last three weeks, falling from 14.04% to 6.42%. The indicator is the smallest record in the state.

The micro region of Patos de Minas, belonging to the Northwest region, evolved to Onda Vermelha after having remains of 35% in the incidence rate and 87% in the occupation of adult Intensive Care Units (ICU) dedicated to the treatment of patients with Covid-19. Despite the improvement in the municipality, the Northwest region did not follow the same trend and was maintained in the most restrictive phase.

“We had a plateau a few weeks ago, and now we see a drop in the incidence in the Northern Triangle, which makes us more confident about the success of the purple wave. In a little while, we should see indicators regressing in the state as a whole,” said Fábio Baccheretti .

With the decision, in addition to Patos de Minas, the cities of Dourados Abbey, Araguari, Araporã, Cachoeira Dourada, Campina Verde, Canápolis, Capinópolis, Gravel Rico, Centralina, Coromandel, Douradoquara, Estrela do Sul, Grupiara, Gurinhatã, Indianópolis, Ipiaçu, Iraí de Minas, Ituiutaba, Monte Alegre de Minas, Monte Carmelo, Nova Ponte, Sponsorship, Silver, Pilgrimage, Santa Vitória, Tupaciguara, Uberlândia will be able to allow the operation of all activities, as long as they comply with some rules, such as distance and maximum limitation of people (see image below).

At this stage, the municipalities that joined the Minas Consciente can make the opening of non-essential activities more flexible, provided they comply with the security measures stipulated by the State. Cities that have not adhered to the state plan, such as Uberlândia, no longer need to follow the state’s determinations and can act as they see fit.

O G1 contacted the city halls of Uberlândia, Araguari, Ituiutaba and Patos de Minas to find out if they are going to make the opening of trade more flexible as authorized by the Government of Minas Gerais.

In a note, the City of Uberlândia informed that the rigid phase of the Municipal Plan for the Functioning of Economic Activities, with a “curfew” and a dry law will remain in effect until April 9.

The Municipality of Ituiutaba extended the municipal decree in force since March 18. The determinations of Onda Roxa, such as only the operation of essential services and a “curfew” between 8 pm and 5 am, must be followed until April 5. A cthe sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages remains prohibited.

The prefectures of Araguari, Ituiutaba and Patos de Minas did not return contact until the last update of the report.

2 of 2 Guidelines for making Minas Consciente more flexible, 03/31/2021 – Photo: Press MG / Disclosure

Flexibility guidelines Minas Consciente, 03/31/2021 – Photo: Press MG / Disclosure

The most restrictive phase was created to contain the spread of contamination by the coronavirus, and it has provisions such as restriction of circulation on the streets at any time and sanitary barrier. Onda Roxa is imposed on all cities that are classified in it, that is, even if the municipality has not adhered to Minas Consciente, it must follow state regulations while it is inserted in this phase.

At this stage, essential activities can only operate from 5 am to 8 pm. The exit of people should be restricted only to access or work in the services authorized to operate. Circulation of people with flu symptoms is prohibited, except for medical care.

Shops and non-essential services can work with remote assistance (online or telephone) in a delivery system. As of this Wednesday (17) it will also be withdrawal at the counter is allowed, as long as the sanitary measures are respected. Consumption on site remains forbidden.

See the measures imposed by the “Purple Wave”:

  • Closure of non-essential trade;
  • Suspension of elective surgeries;
  • Support from security forces;
  • Restriction of movement of people (they will only be able to leave the house for essential activities);
  • Curfew from 8 pm to 5 am;
  • Prohibition of people without a mask in any space;
  • Prohibition of movement of people with flu symptoms;
  • Prohibition of face-to-face meetings, including between relatives who do not live in the same house;
  • Implementation of sanitary surveillance barriers;
  • Closing of bars and restaurants (operation only by delivery and pick up at the counter);
  • Prohibition of public and private events.

Services considered essential by Minas Consciente:

  • Health sector, including hospital and care units and doctor’s offices;
  • industry, assembly and distribution logistics, and trade in pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, drugstores, opticians, clinical and hospital materials;
  • hypermarkets, supermarkets, markets, butchers, fishmongers, fresh produce, bakeries, greengrocers, food supply centers, convenience stores, snack bars, mineral water and animal feed;
  • production, distribution and sale of fuels and derivatives;
  • gas distributors;
  • mechanic workshops, tire shops, auto parts, car dealers and resellers of any kind, including agricultural machines and the like;
  • restaurants at points or stops at highways;
  • bank branches and the like;
  • industrial food chain;
  • agrosilvipastoral and agroindustrials;
  • telecommunication, internet, press, information technology and data processing, such as management, development, support and maintenance of hardware, software, hosting and connectivity;
  • construction;
  • industrial sectors, as long as they are related to the production chain of essential services and products;
  • laundries;
  • veterinary assistance and pet shops;
  • transport and delivery of cargo in general;
  • call center;
  • leasing of vehicles of any nature, including agricultural machinery and the like;
  • technical assistance in machinery, equipment, installations, buildings and related activities, such as electrician and plumber;
  • pest control and environment disinfection;
  • assistance and performance in environmental emergencies;
  • wholesale and retail trade of inputs for making personal protective equipment – PPE and clinical-hospital, such as fabrics, fabric artifacts and supplies;
  • judicial and extrajudicial representation, legal advice and consultancy;
  • related to accounting;
  • domestic and caregiver and therapist services;
  • hotels, lodging, inns, motels and the like for the use of essential service workers, such as residence or place for isolation in case of suspicion or confirmation by Covid-19;
  • face-to-face teaching activities related to the last period or semester of health courses;
  • individual private passenger transport, requested by applications or other networked communication platforms.

Cities that make up the Northern Triangle macroregion

Dourados Abbey
Golden Waterfall
Campina Verde
Rich Gravel
Control unit
Southern Star
Iraí de Minas
Monte Alegre de Minas
Mount carmel
New Bridge
Santa Victoria

Cities that make up the Southern Triangle macro-region

Long Water
Flower field
High Fields
Commander Gomes
Conceição das Alagoas
Limeira do Oeste
Santa Juliana
San Francisco de Sales
Union of Mines

Cities that make up the Northwest region of MG

Carmo do Paranaíba
Fortaleza Cruise
João Pinheiro
Lagoa Formosa
Lagoa Grande
Patos de Minas
President Olegario
Paranaiba River
Santa Rosa da Serra
São Gonçaldo do Abaeté
Saint Gotthard
Serra do Salitre
Varjão de Minas

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