Referee collapsed on the court

Ivory Coast hosted Ethiopia in a match that eventually ended 3-1 to the home team. But that is not the result that is talked about after the match.

After 80 minutes, a mistake by the home side’s left defense allowed Charles Bulu to get through. Bulu quickly got help to get off the field, but before he reached completely off the field, he collapsed.

Out on the field, the referee received prompt treatment, before he was carried out and taken by ambulance to the local hospital. It writes the football website

The 34-year-old was initially not to judge the match, but when the original referee tested positive for covid-19, the Ghanaian had to step in.

One might think that the fourth official could have stepped in, but since he himself was from the Ivory Coast, he could not judge the match. Therefore, the Kenyan line judge had to drop the flag and take the role of chief judge – albeit after a long discussion.

Late Wednesday night, it is reported that the condition of the FIFA referee is stable. A photo published on Twitter shows Bulu in apparently good shape at the hospital.

Ivory Coast won the match 3-1 and secured a place in the African Championship. Opponents Ethiopia are also ready for the championship.

Ivory Coast have won the championship twice – most recently in 2015 when they beat Ghana on penalties in the final. Also in 1992, they went all the way. Also then with victory over Ghana in the final.

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