Dolores Aveiro recalls stroke: Cristianinho asked me not to die – to Boil

Dolores Aveiro recalls stroke: Cristianinho asked me not to die – to Boil
Dolores Aveiro recalls stroke: Cristianinho asked me not to die – to Boil
Dolores Aveiro suffered a stroke on March 3, 2020. Already recovered and on National Sick with Stroke Day, the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo gave an interview to Maria Botelho Moniz, from ‘Dois às 10’, from TVI, where he talked about his recovery.Dolores Aveiro remembered what she felt. “I lay down well without symptoms. I got up to go to the bathroom and passed out. When I tried to get up I realized that my left side was paralyzed. I noticed my mouth was twisted and it affected my eyes too”, reported. Upon realizing that he was not well, the matriarch of the Aveiro family asked José Andrade for help. “My companion called the ambulance. After that I don’t remember anything else”, account.

For two weeks she was hospitalized. “I was hospitalized, I was operated on and I underwent treatments,” revealed Maria Botelho Moniz. When she awoke, Dolores Aveiro was thrilled when she saw her children in the hospital. “When I opened my eyes I saw my children at the end of the bed. It was a joy. They gave me a lot of strength”, ensures. Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, who has already confessed to being a woman of faith, cries when she reveals that she was afraid of dying. “I asked God not to take me”. Dolores Aveiro also said that she has a promise to keep. “I have to go to Fátima to burn a candle”.

A year later, the matriarch of the Aveiro family already sees progress in her recovery, but recalls that the speed with which she was treated was essential. “I went to the hospital very quickly. Ronaldo from Italy told me about it and when I arrived at the hospital I was immediately operated”.

Dolores Aveiro confesses that she had to change some habits in her daily life. “I can no longer wear shoes with high heels and I liked them a lot and I wear simpler clothes”, he begins by telling. Besides, you have to be “careful with your food and walk”, he says.

The matriarch of the Aveiro family receives nurses “twice a week” at home to help her recover. But, remember that a year ago, it already had some improvements. “At the hospital I already got up with help”.

Dolores Aveiro has already confessed that she has a special affection for Cristiano Ronaldo’s eldest son. When she was hospitalized she received a visit from her grandson, who asked her: “Cristianinho asked me not to die”, reveals.

The matriarch of the Aveiro family also confessed that she bought a second home on the island of Madeira. “I bought a house in Ponta do Sol where I spend the weekends”, he said, still counting that he is going to his new refuge today.

Regarding the support of her children and family, Dolores Aveiro guarantees that it was essential. “They always believed it. And they said ‘the mother is a fighting woman'”.

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