Brazilian Olympic Committee is highlighted on the podium in digital reach

Brazilian Olympic Committee is highlighted on the podium in digital reach
Brazilian Olympic Committee is highlighted on the podium in digital reach
The expectation for the Tokyo Olympics grows, and Nova Friburgo, for example, cheers to watch Jhennifer Alves and Françoise Chevrand compete in the swimming and archery competitions, respectively. In addition to the pages of A VOZ DA SERRA, Friburguenses have followed the entire preparation process also through the newspaper’s different social networks, which are booming in terms of content and quality.

This interactivity follows a trend throughout Brazil and the world, which have used these tools to accompany the preparations for the 32nd edition of the Olympic Games. In this context, Ibope Repucom presented the digital ranking of National Olympic Committees, a survey with the digital reach of the 30 countries with the highest accumulation of medals in the Summer Olympic Games in the last five editions (2000-2016).

In absolute values, the entities together have 22.7 million subscribers on the five digital platforms analyzed (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok). Facebook concentrates the largest volume, with 56% participation in the total accumulated subscriptions, followed by Twitter (23%), Instagram (12%), TikTok (7%) and YouTube (2%).

Facebook and Instagram lead in the number of accounts, with 90% presence among the 30 countries analyzed. TikTok is the platform with the fewest accounts, adopted by only seven organizations so far. It is worth mentioning that Olympic committees from three countries (China, Cuba and Ethiopia) do not have an account on any of these platforms.

The national organizations with the largest number of subscribers in the accumulated among the digital platforms are respectively: United States (8.5 million subscribers), Brazil (3 million), Great Britain (2.8 million), Canada (1.9 million) and Japan (1.2 million). The United States leads the ranking, representing a 38% share in the total volume of followers. The 8.5 million subscribers are almost three times the total number of followers in the accounts of the COB (Brazilian Olympic Committee), second place in the global ranking.

The USA leads on all digital platforms, with emphasis on its profile on TikTok, whose volume of followers exceeds the profile of the Olympic Games. Team USA is also the leader in number of medals in the cut, with 149 more medals than China.

Brazil, host of the last Summer Olympics, is in second place, with a value close to the mark of three million registered in the accumulated and also with the vice-leadership in the number of followers on Facebook and TikTok. Facebook dominates the number of subscribers in the country, with 77% of the total volume of subscribers. Highlight for the digital performance of “Time Brasil”, which despite being 17th in the medal ranking, surpasses countries with greater tradition and Olympic performance on digital platforms.

Great Britain, which hosted the 2012 games, appears in the third place in the ranking with 2.8 million subscribers on its platforms, which suggests that (as well as Brazil), the high interest is also bequeathed by the games in the last decade. The “Team GB” Twitter stands out, vice-leader on the platform behind only the United States. The country is in fourth place in the number of medals and with an expressive recent performance, surpassing its own record of medals in the last two editions (London 2012 and Rio 2016).

Canada is in the fourth position, with a value close to the mark of two million subscribers, expressive in relation to the proportion of its total population (37.6 million inhabitants in 2019). The official Instagram profile of “Team Canada” stands out, the second largest on the platform, behind the USA only. The country is the only country in the Top 5 that has not yet created its TikTok account. Canada is in 15th place in the total medal ranking and third in the American continent, behind the USA and Cuba.

Japan, host of this year’s Olympic Games, closes the Top 5 with 1.6 million subscribers on its platforms, with highlights for the Facebook page that represents 57% of its total volume and its Twitter profile, the third largest among the analyzed committees. The country is in 8th place in the total ranking of medals among the last five editions of the games.

“Having been the host country in 2016 was the main factor for the growth and maintenance of Brazilians’ interest in the Olympic Games. Today, 72% of Brazilian Internet users aged 18 or over claim to be Olympics fans, a jump of 30% compared to 2016. After more than four years of “Rio 2016”, we are in the highest places on the podium in digital reach, a valuable legacy that offers enormous potential for sponsors in promoting and associating their brands with the noblest values ​​of world sport ”, evaluates Arthur Bernardo, executive director of Ibope Repucom.

“The center of our strategy is the athlete, our greatest influencer, who humanizes the relationship between the COB and the fan. In addition, digital intelligence is critical. We are always attentive to trends, which leads us to quickly and consistently incorporate the hottest elements into our strategies. This goes for lives, which we started to do systematically even before the pandemic, and also for our arrival at the Tik Tok ”, comments Manoela Penna, director of communication and marketing for the Brazilian Olympic Committee.

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