Analysis: Vasco is better, reinforcements give evidence that they can add, but aerial ball – again – suffocates | Vasco

Team goes up, Morato shows good football, and collective works

Vasco for the third consecutive time entered the field playing ball. Intense, well positioned and always alert. And so he was quickly rewarded, right after two minutes, not in a worked move, but in clever movements that demonstrate the spirit of these kids. Galarza went up to share a ball that maybe another short man avoided. He won with a header, and Pec, turned on, got in the middle of three defenders, fired and hit Felipe’s exit.

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After that it was time to observe Morato, who had a very interesting debut with Vasco’s shirt. Football compatible with the one proposed by Marcelo Cabo, he moved a lot, changing positions with Marquinhos Gabriel constantly and coming back to help with the recomposition. And the most important: despite the few training sessions, he showed good understanding with Cano, with whom he rehearsed good tables. In the second half he got tired, but the balance was positive.

In the offensive sector, Pec’s performance, now with five goals in 10 games, also deserves mention. He fought hard and ended up as leader of the team’s tackles (with six, next to Andrey) and of fouls received (four).

1 of 2 Morato had a good debut for Vasco against Tombense – Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco da Gama

Morato had a good debut for Vasco against Tombense – Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco da Gama

Galarza was once again an example of intensity and commitment. In addition to the fight on Pec’s goal, he gave carts and never missed the mark. And, for not hiding, he missed eight passes, one of them dangerous and that almost ended in an opposing goal. Nothing, however, that could erase the youngster’s great performance.

If in the attack Cano and Morato got along well, in the middle the Paraguayan and Andrey were also in touch and tabeladas until getting close to the area. Marquinhos Gabriel is the main thinker of the trio and, in his flashes, shows that he can help a lot. He almost scored in a beautiful individual move and in the second half he presented Figueiredo with a beautiful first shot. Too bad the boy didn’t take advantage.

Vasco’s midfield returned to thinking, something that no longer existed in São Januário mainly after the arrival of the Portuguese Ricardo Sá Pinto, who filled the defenders’ team, opened a hole in the midfield and plunged the Vasco in a game without any creativity.

Achilles heel appears in the first half

The negative point of Vasco in the stage, already treated as an Achilles heel by Marcelo Cabo in other interviews, was the dead ball. Daniel Amorim won the defense from the top twice, but stopped at Lucão, who again made a great defense. In another, in a free kick, João Paulo raised, Wesley beat Andrey, and Matheus Lopes isolated.

Team controls the game, but recurring error brings suffering

Like the first half, Vasco scored early again. After a good offensive move with the participation of Morato, Cano went to make the light trap and ended up knocked down inside the area. Leandro Vuaden scored wrongly out of it, but Andrey shrugged at the mistake of refereeing. He charged in the corner of the goalkeeper, but with strength and precision he beat Felipe. Indefensible.

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Morato ended his participation on 22 minutes, and Figueiredo, his substitute, narrowly missed out on his first touch of the ball. However, he dominated poorly, a beautiful first release by Marquinhos Gabriel.

The game was under control and with Tombense needing to leave, Vasco started to arrive more. Cano, for example, who had not finished in the initial stage, came close to scoring in two consecutive moves.

As written above the game “was under control” of Vasco. Even the ghost of the aerial ball gives the air of grace. Two minutes after Cabo opted for three defenders, João Paulo had all the space to cross. Daniel Amorim came from side to side, ahead of Ricardo, who had just joined Miranda, and bent down to head, lower and set the game on fire.

From then on, Tombense knew what to do: shower. Vasco had lost the midfield with the option for three defenders, and the opponent found space to cross. Marcelo Cabo’s luck is that the surveys were not the best.

– About the three defenders, we had 30 minutes, and they put Rubens and Daniel, who were my athletes. They excelled in a 4-4-2 and put two players over 1.90m, and they were going to raise aerial balls. I tried to mirror with three defenders, with two on the mark and one on the left. Tombense didn’t press, he was taking the ball in the area. I needed to reinforce this aerial ball. We ended up giving a good fit there. They had the ball in the middle, we had two or three good transitions, and we could have scored the third goal – explained Cabo.

Another rookie of the night, striker Léo Jabá entered only after 42 minutes of the final stage and, at 44, pulled up a fast counterattack and left Cano in good condition. Too bad it was not the Argentine’s day when it came to submissions. It is worth noting, however, that he was important with the constant exits from the area to talk to the midfielders and to confuse the marking.

Vasco was better all the time. He showed intensity, exchange of passes, but the aerial ball continues to panic the team and the fan. It will be seven days until the classic with Flamengo, in Rio, for Carioca. It is the homework to be done to exhaustion. And Marcelo Cabo will certainly repeat this foundation a lot in the coming days. There are other defensive adjustments to be made, especially in relation to the hole that usually opens between half and back when the team gets tired, but, for the third time in a row, the Vasco result was positive.

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