Not even Apple escapes the scarcity of components! IPad and MacBook production delayed

The current pandemic scenario has led to a scarcity of computer components necessary for the manufacture of various equipment, something that has had repercussions throughout the industry. Until now, Apple would be one of the few technologies capable of resisting these constraints, but Nikkei Asia now indicates that even the Cupertino giant has been forced to postpone the production of some devices due to the lack of materials.

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According to the media, Tim Cook’s company has postponed the production of several iPad and MacBook models. Apparently the brand is currently unable to acquire several components that are printed on the circuit boards already in the final process of assembling the MacBook. As far as iPads are concerned, the difficulty lies in the purchase of screens.

Apple is forced to postpone the manufacture of iPads and MacBooks for the second half of this year

Some industry sources believe that this is a sign that these production constraints that have been occurring for about a year are worsening, with possible serious impact especially on companies of more modest dimensions.

Apple is one of the biggest technologies on the planet, and so far it has been able to resist a trend of production impediments thanks to the complexity of its supply chain. The influence of the brand allows it to mobilize component manufacturers and get ahead in the queue to receive materials, but it seems that the situation has become so complicated that its products are beginning to be affected.

Cupertino has stated that the production of iPhones is not being and will not be affected by this global crisis, maintaining its intention to introduce the iPhone 13 family in September. It is clear that this difficulty in obtaining components affects only the production of new devices, having no impact on the availability of equipment that is already on the market.

Nikkei Asia did not say which iPad or MacBook models are being affected by this shortage of components. Apple is expected to present the new iPad Pro with a Mini-LED screen still during the month of April.

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via: Nikkei Asia

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