In the USA, neo-Nazi blame for hate crimes and conspiracy

A neo-Nazi leader on Wednesday admitted his responsibility for hate crimes for threatening journalists and activists campaigning against anti-Semitism, the United States Department of Justice announced.

Cameron Shea, 25, was arrested with three others in early 2020 after being caught conspiring in a group online encrypted to threaten mainly journalists and militants, mostly Jews or non-whites, according to the department.

They “created posters, showing Nazi symbols, masked figures with guns and cocktails molotov, and threat messages to deliver or send by mail to journalists and advocates of the causes they were targeting, ”he says.

The four were arrested in a national operation against the violent group.

Shea pleaded guilty, in Washington state federal court, to charges of conspiracy and hate crimes, which can add up to 15 years in prison. He will receive his sentence on June 28.



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