Korean Overwatch professional in the USA: – We experience racism every day

Lee “Fearless” Eui-Seok – Overwatch player for the Dallas Fuel team – has revealed shocking details about the racism he and his teammates experience daily in Dallas in the USA. The South Korean player says that the situation has worsened dramatically for Asians since the corona pandemic began its ravages a year ago.

– Takes off the bandage and coughs on us

It was during a Twitch broadcast earlier this week that “Fearless” told about the many cases of racism he has experienced recently. In the clip – which you can see in the Twitter video below – he says that the Dallas Fuel team is exposed to racism on the streets on a daily basis.

The article continues below the Twitter video.

Hatred and violence against Asians have become a widespread problem in several parts of the world, but especially the United States. The whole thing has flared up during the corona pandemic, as some groups claim that China is behind the virus outbreak, and have led to everything from threats of violence to mass shootings.

“Fearless” says that he never experienced racism when he lived in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. Since covid-19 has, however, some become more eager to express themselves racist, even on the open street.

– Being Asian here is scary. People are trying to start quarrels and fights with us. […] Americans come to us and there are even people who cough at us. They deliberately cough at us and throw shit while they laugh. It’s really serious, he says.

In the wake of the statements, Dallas Fuel owner Mike Rufail took to Twitter to express his dismay at the situation. Rufail says that the safety of the players is the most important thing for the club.

The article continues below the Twitter video.

Blizzard has also made a brief statement on the matter. To Polygon, the company reports that it distances itself from racism and that it will continue to support the players.


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