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On Saturday, it boils over for Bernt Hulsker when he loses control of the weapon.

Watch clips of Bernt Hulsker’s outburst of rage on Fenriken in «Kompani Lauritzen»:

On Saturday, the stage is set for even more sweat, tears and frustration in the popular TV 2 program “Kompani Lauritzen”.

In recent weeks, the participants have entertained and impressed the Norwegian TV viewers with their courage through tough exercises and challenges, but in this week’s episode it boils over for the former football player and VGTV profile Bernt Hulsker (43).

The participants have been given weapons for this week’s challenge, with strict restrictions and rules on how to handle them. One of the requirements for being able to carry the weapon is, among other things, to never store the weapon longer than one meter away from the field of view.

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Is deprived of the weapon

At one point, Hulsker forgets, and according to Fenriken must have moved over a meter from the weapon. He is thus deprived of the weapon and is instead given a pine branch to use as a weapon.

The motivation to complete the mission drops quickly for Hulsker who is apparently not happy with being deprived of the weapon, and it turns out to make the drop overflow.

Watch the video at the top of the case!

– Absolutely damn

A heated discussion quickly picks up speed between Hulsker and Fenriken. Bernt Hulsker has not yet responded to Nettavisen’s inquiries, but judging by the episode, it seems that he is very provoked by Fenriken’s confrontations.

– Losing your weapon is damn boring. Shouldn’t it be boring? Hulsker shouts at Fenriken when asked if he thinks it’s boring.

– Can you not get angry at yourself for not having control, Hulsker continues.

The discussion continues until Hulsker gets control of his mind and apologizes to Fenriken.

Not the first time

Geir Aker, who has the role of Fenrik in “Kompani Lauritzen”, has also not responded to Nettavisen’s inquiries regarding Saturday’s episode of the program. However, this is not the first time one of the participants has been angry like him.

In last year’s season, it was, among others, the artist Vinni, who also won the TV program, who raged against both Fenriken and the other military employees. Fenriken has also had to have several serious conversations with several of the participants in both last year’s and this year’s season.

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– I forget that it’s TV and that the ensign has a job to arrest us for everything he can find. I become like this: «Søren! Now I have to get tangent on the socks ». It goes to my head, said Jakob Schøyen Andersen, among others, after his stay on TV 2.

“Kompani Lauritzen” is broadcast on TV 2 on Saturday at 20:00 and TV 2 Sumo.


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