Bergen’s most expensive home sold for 47 million kroner – E24

After a long and bumpy sales process, billionaire and Toro heir Bjarne Rieber (84) has finally sold the residential property “Rieber Garden” – and at the same time set a new price record.

SOLD «RIEBER GARDEN»: Billionaire and Toro heir Bjarne Rieber (84).

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– I am very happy to have found a buyer who I know will manage the property with care and love, says Bjarne Rieber in a statement on Wednesday night.

He states that the buyer is the businessman Espen Galtung Døsvig, who is now looking up NOK 47 million for the magnificent property in the sea gap at Hordnes in Fana outside Bergen.

No private property has previously been sold for more in Norway’s second largest city, according to the responsible broker for the sale, Privatmegleren Vikebø & Jørgensen.

Previously, the superstar Kygo stood for the Bergen record. He turned up 41 million for a stately villa back in 2018.

The record price for “Rieber Garden” is still considerably less than the 60 million kroner that the Toro heir originally envisioned.

AGAINST THE SEA GAP: “Rieber Garden” is located on Hordnes in Bergen and has a property of a total of 68 acres.

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byoutline Photo: Imotiv AS

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Own sculpture park

The property is a total of 68 acres. The main house is 550 square meters, and the plot includes a greenhouse, private shoreline, saltwater pool, two boathouses – and its own park with over 20 sculptures.

The buyer is Norway’s 246th richest person, according to Kapital. He will not live on the property himself.

– Espen Galtung Døsvig shares my interest and passion for art and nature, and he is therefore the right person to take over and take the place further, Rieber maintains.

He himself moved to the property in 1984, but today lives in another house he describes as “brilliant”, and he says “does not need more leisure properties either”.

Rieber put the property up for sale for the first time in 2018. Bergens Tidene has written that the billionaire on one occasion should have turned down a bid of 61 million, but broker Tom Jørgensen rejects this to E24 today.

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– The buyer group is naturally not large

– Has Bergen’s most expensive home become a bargain for 47 million?

– It is wrong to say that Rieber turned down 61 million. This was never a real bid, says Jørgensen.

The broker confirms that serious bids have been rejected by the billionaire before, but states that all have been below the sale price of 47 million which has now been agreed.

The private broker took over the sales assignment in 2019. Since then, they have worked with “several stakeholders” before the deal finally went into the box, Jørgensen states.

– The buyer group for a magnificent property like this is naturally not large.

– How many stakeholders have there been?

– There have been a handful. But we have not achieved an acceptable price until now, says the broker.

PS! Housing prices in Bergen have risen by 7.7 per cent in the last twelve months, and the market has not been as hot as in Eastern Norway. In Oslo, inflation has by comparison been over 15 per cent.

It goes without saying that homes in the capital have also been sold for three-digit million sums.


Published: April 7, 2021 20:51

Updated: April 7, 2021 9:57 PM

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