USA: even with reconciliation, package still faces challenges in the Senate – International

Some measures in the $ 2 trillion infrastructure package by US President Joe Biden may face obstacles in the US Senate. Certain House rules limit the type of legislation that congressmen can pass without opposition support.

Although Biden and the Democrats said they hope to pass the investment plan on works with bipartisan support, many Republicans have criticized the increase in corporate taxes contained in the proposal. Resistance to the opposition to some measures has increased the likelihood that the American president’s party will use the budgetary resolution called reconciliation to pass the package. The device allows the approval of laws in the Senate by a simple majority.

The outlook for Biden’s investment plan improved on Monday, 5, when independent Senate adviser Elizabeth MacDonough gave a favorable opinion on the use of reconciliation for the passing of new laws this year. But even if Democrats can employ the process more often, the measures passed by reconciliation will still need to obey a series of House rules. This may mean that various measures, including labor rules and a clean electricity standard, may have to be removed or changed in the final text, according to legislators and advisers. Source: Dow Jones Newswires


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