PSD will confirm Suzana Garcia in Amadora and support to Isaltino in Oeiras

The PSD should shortly confirm the candidacy of lawyer Suzana Garcia to the Amadora City Council and tacitly support Isaltino Morais in Oeiras, by not submitting her own candidacy. The final decision is being voted on Tuesday night at the meeting of the party’s Political Commission.

In Oeiras, the PSD’s strategy will involve not submitting its own candidacy, which in practice will enable the channeling of the social-democratic electorate to Isaltino Morais. In 2017, the PSD competed in association with the CDS, with Ângelo Pereira at the head of the list. This candidacy obtained 8.8% of the votes, being in fourth place.

A source linked to the PSD confirmed to JN that both the case of Oeiras and Amadora are being discussed at the meeting of the political commission. At about 11 pm, the strategy for Oeiras was being voted on in the District and in the National structure.

The same advances that, in relation to Suzana Garcia, the vote is delayed, but, according to SIC Notícias, it will be really to advance, regardless of the controversy that this hypothesis generated, mainly because the lawyer, a former television commentator, defended the chemical castration for rapists of minors.

The official confirmation of these two names for municipalities in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon may take place only on Wednesday, according to what was possible to ascertain. It seems that both applications will deserve the agreement of Rui Rio.


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