see partial end of the wall

see partial end of the wall
see partial end of the wall
How is the voting on the sea wall BBB 21 (Big Brother Brasil 2021)? According to the BBB UOL Survey, percentage of BBB wall it is fierce between Caio and Rodolffo. Find out how the partial percentage is doing.

In this wall, Caio, Rodolffo and Gilberto vie for public preference. The vote promises to be tight until the final minutes, according to the BBB UOL Poll percentage projections.


At 8:30 pm this Tuesday (6th), with more than 1 million votes counted, the updated partial of BBB UOL Poll indicated a technical tie between Caio and Rodolffo.

The country singer led the first part of the polls, but the farmer overcame the rejection of this wall: 47% x 43%. Lastly, Gilberto registered the smallest vote, with 9%.

But the BBB UOL Poll is not the only one. Other polls put Rodolffo as the favorite for elimination on this wall. Mutirões pulled against the singer by Twitter should weigh in the final percentage, which will be released tonight.

How is the BBB 2021 voting? Check out the part of Paredão BBB21.

In the updated partial of the BBB UOL Poll, it is still not possible to point out who leaves the BBB (Reproduction / UOL)

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Check out the step-by-step formation of the new triple wall:

  1. Angel: Gilberto and Fiuk won the race. Together, they choose a player to immunize
  2. Leader: Viih Tube won the endurance test. She is immune and will refer a player to the BBB 21 wall
  3. Closed poll: in the confessional, participants vote and choose one more walled
  4. Open poll: the most voted by the House starts the open vote. Just like last week, whoever votes chooses the next one to speak out
  5. Kickback: the one chosen in the open vote pulls another player to the wall.
  6. Bata e Volta Proof: With the exception of the leader, the others play the Bate e Volta Test. The winner gets rid of the hot seat this week.


  • How is the BBB 21 voting?

To participate in the BBB 21 wall vote, you must vote for Gshow. To do this, you need a Globo Account, which can be created free of charge.

After registering and logging in, you can vote as many times as you want.

A vote on Gshow continues until Tuesday night (6), moments before Tiago Leifert’s official announcement. Click here to vote.


According to the official program of the Globe e do Globoplay, this Tuesday (6th), the BBB 21 (Big Brother Brasil) starts from 10:50 pm. The bbb schedule can be modified without prior notice.

O BBB 21 airs after the soap opera Mother’s love (9:30 pm to 10:50 pm).

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