Ronan criticizes Rodolffo and recalls contract clause with Globo

Ronan criticizes Rodolffo and recalls contract clause with Globo
Ronan criticizes Rodolffo and recalls contract clause with Globo
Ronan Oliveira had to deal with an atypical situation when he came across, at “BBB 16”, a sponge doll with afro hair in the kitchen. Five years later, he perplexedly watched the scene on “BBB 21” in which Rodolffo compared João’s hair, in the black power style, to a wig of a caveman costume used for the monster’s punishment.

In conversation with Twitter, Ronan said why the sertanejo, who is on the wall tonight, was racist with the teacher.

It is a situation of racism, or rather, recreational racism. It is a type of racism disguised as a joke, that is, through ‘jokes’ you mischaracterize the individual and his fellow men. All black men and women experience this. Whether to feel accepted by the group or because it is not politicized enough, this ‘joke’ is accepted.

The sociocultural entrepreneur says that one of the reflexes of racism is the lack of characterization and the loss of identity, in addition to the deep wounds that comments such as Rodolffo’s provoke:

Words hurt. It is a matter of empathy and awareness. Rodolfo is not a person who lacks information but a sense of concept!

BBB 21: João cries when talking about Rodolffo’s comment about his hair

Image: Playback / Globoplay

To say that it is “mimimi” is to reduce the pain of the other

Many personalities criticized Rodolffo, but a large portion of the public and fans of the singer do not admit the racism of his comment. Ronan says that racists generally do not recognize themselves as such, always trying to justify themselves.

“When confronted by their actions, what they usually do is try to justify or even lessen the pain of the other. Where does the clowning that everything is ‘mimimi’ come from. Rodolfo did not escape the rule, and the emotional burden and responsibility fall further once about the black person. Note that he says that since he was born it’s like this! ”

Ronan says he seeks to shield himself from racism, but this is often not possible. “There are days and situations so distressing that I have no option but to cry quietly at home with mine. I understand João, I am touched by what has happened and what is happening”, he declares.

Contract with Globo

Ronan says that, by contract, “BBB” participants know that they are responsible for what they say and do inside the house. He recalls that clause is clear:

I don’t know if people know, but in the contract we signed we are responsible for everything we say during the program. I think it is Globo’s responsibility to place people who will raise issues to be discussed, and who knows, ‘Big Brother’ after ‘Big Brother’, something will change.

In Ronan’s case, he redefined that black “hair” sponge, playing like a doll and naming him Will. He was offended to see the sponge and found support after leaving the house on social media.

This is proof that the pain there was not only of Ronan, but of all black people.


“BBB 16” sponge was re-signified by Ronan and earned the name Will

Image: Reproduction

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