Jeff Bezos supports corporate tax increases in the US

Jeff Bezos supports corporate tax increases in the US
Jeff Bezos supports corporate tax increases in the US
Amazon supported on Tuesday (6) the proposal by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, to increase the corporate income tax to finance an infrastructure plan, revealed the founder of online commerce giant Jeff Bezzos in a statement published by company on Twitter.

A few days after Biden complained that Amazon does not pay taxes on profits, Bezos said: “We support an increase in taxes on (the income of) companies.”

“We recognize that this investment will require concessions from all parties, both in the details of what is included and how to pay it (we are in favor of an increase in corporate tax).”

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Bezos added: “We hope that Congress and the government will come together to find the right and balanced solution that maintains or increases the competitiveness of the United States.”

Amazon has been the target of critics for years, who claim that the online retail giant pays little or no corporate tax. The company has defended its policies, saying that its investments offset taxes as intended by the tax code.

Biden proposes a $ 2 trillion infrastructure program, financed in part by increasing corporate tax from 21% to 28%, and by eliminating the use of tax havens.

Last month, Biden cited a 2019 study showing that 91 Fortune 500 companies, “the largest companies in the world, including Amazon, do not pay a single cent of federal income tax,” and added, “This is just wrong.” .

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