Paulo Gustavo shows signs of improvement, but remains hospitalized in the ICU of RJ

According to the latest bulletin released by Paulo Gustavo’s press office, the actor continues to be treated in the intensive care unit and using ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation). The technique works by means of a machine, which acts as an artificial lung and heart in patients whose organs are compromised.

Since the readjustments carried out, Paulo Gustavo has shown stability. The clinical evolution, according to the humorist’s press office, was progressive and generated optimism in the medical team.

In an interview with CNN, the president of the Rio de Janeiro Intensive Care Society, Joel Tavares Passos explained that the treatment has been widely used in patients with severe infection by the new coronavirus and has a high success rate.

“This month we had 10 ECMO patients in our ICU. From these, we managed to remove six patients. It is an important and positive percentage,” he said in an interview on Monday (5).

Actor Paulo Gustavo remains hospitalized in the ICU because of Covid-19
Photo: Reproduction / CNN Brasil (6.Apr.2021)

The doctor also clarified that it is not possible to determine how long a patient needs to use the technique. “[Leva] the time the lung needs to recover and it can take a while. We had a patient with 12 to 15 days [de utilização], up to 18 days, which was the maximum we had here. ”

Last Saturday, the comedian underwent a pleuroscopy and is still stable. Paulo Gustavo was hospitalized on March 13 by Covid-19, in a private hospital in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.


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