– The United States rolls out the heavy gun in the corona war

US President Joe Biden promised on Monday last week that 90 percent of US residents will live a maximum of eight kilometers away from a corona vaccination site by April 19.

And by May 1, 100 percent of Americans will live within such a radius.

Antigen tests for home use

The US authorities’ active war against the virus continued throughout the Easter week. On Wednesday, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) gave its approval of several over-the-counter tests over the counter, for use in serial screening.

On the same day, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the National Institutes of Health launched an initiative that will offer antigen tests for home use to all residents of the counties of Pitt in North Carolina and Hamilton in Tennessee.

The idea is to find out if frequent and widespread use of rapid corona tests can slow the spread of the virus. Under the mentioned initiative, 160,000 people will be able to test themselves three times a week for a month.

– USA rolls out the heavy gun

The constantly new initiatives impress Nordea Markets, according to a note written by, among others, interest rate and currency strategist Andreas Steno Larsen.

“The United States continues to roll out its heavy gun in the war against the virus. (…) Antigen tests for home use are an exciting innovation that will make testing cheaper and less cumbersome for residents when it comes to transport », the memo states.

At the same time, the Nordea gang points out that Australia is one of the first countries to be affected by the EU stopping vaccine exports in late March. The country now lacks 3.1 million AstraZeneca doses.

“This is a big bang for Australia’s vaccine campaign. The humiliation of AstraZeneca may also spread at home, as the British health authorities are rumored to be considering a temporary ban on the use of the vaccine on the younger population “, the brokerage writes further.

Norway is accelerating further

Nordea’s corona barometer shows that the UK, which is accelerating its reopening this week, has now vaccinated 53-54 percent of the population (at least one dose), while the US is also at full speed against 50 percent.

Closest to the European continent, Denmark is still leading the way, having vaccinated almost 20 percent of the population. Norway, Austria and Finland are at 17-18 percent.

Many complain about the speed of the Norwegian vaccination, but according to Nordea, this continues to increase after it doubled last year.

As of 4 April, Norway passed 350 daily vaccinations per. 100,000 inhabitants on average in the last seven days, which was up from around 280 in the previous seven days.

However, this is far behind the United States, which is up to 950 daily vaccinations per year. 100,000 in the last seven days – which was up from around 840 in the seven previous days.

USA SHOWS ROAD: But Norway is also increasing the pace of vaccination, Nordea’s corona barometer shows. Photo: Nordea / Macrobond

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