Nearly 30,000 can be taken out on strike this weekend – can give full stop to bus traffic – E24

Nearly 30,000 can be taken out on strike this weekend – can give full stop to bus traffic – E24
Nearly 30,000 can be taken out on strike this weekend – can give full stop to bus traffic – E24

Bus drivers all over the country can be taken out on strike this weekend if there is no agreement in the wage settlement. A number of ferry routes are also affected.

There may be a complete halt in bus traffic if there is a strike this weekend.

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– If we do not reach an agreement with NHO within the mediation deadline, YS will take out more than 5,500 bus drivers across the country on strike, says Eirik Bornø, head of YS Privat.

A strike will probably cause all scheduled buses to stop, YS states.

In addition, LO announces that they will take out more than 23,500 members on strike, several of them in bus and transport. A number of ferry connections are also affected.

– We always aim to agree, but are also prepared for a strike, if necessary. I note that it has not been possible to agree with NHO so far, says LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik.

Meet for the weekend

On Tuesday, LO and YS sent their notices of resignation in the first strike to the Ombudsman and NHO.

The background is this year’s wage settlement, which will be mediated by the Ombudsman from Friday. The deadline expires at midnight on the night of Sunday 11 April.

– If the parties do not agree by the deadline, 23,548 employees in NHO companies will strike from the beginning of working hours, no later than 6 o’clock, Sunday 11 April, LO informs.

A possible strike may eventually also be extended.

Several industries

The LO members who are taken out on strike extend across several industries, the complete list shows. Among other things, industry, construction and civil engineering.

– With this strike warning, we show the strength and solidarity of the front-line subject model. We take the fight for the whole of working life against NHO’s provocative demands for a reduction in real wages and stand in solidarity behind the demand for an extra wage increase for the lowest paid, says Følsvik.

The warning from YS includes employees in bus companies all over the country.

– We obviously hope to avoid labor disputes, but this is now up to NHO. Maintaining purchasing power is both a timely, but also very moderate requirement in the situation we are now in, says Bornø.

Published: Published: April 6, 2021 12:01 PM

Updated: April 6, 2021 12:47 PM

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